The MTV EMA’s showcase some of the coolest performances out there and feature today’s most popular artists. Since most of us American’s don’t get around to watching them, I figured I’d show y’all my three favorite acts of this year! 

Rihanna: “Only Girl (In The World)”

Following her album’s color saturated theme, RiRi’s performance was full of bright flashes of color, an army of dancers, and a dress I would have died to go to prom in. 
Bright florals in the wintertime? Yes, please. 

Shakira: “Loca”

Shaki is WERKIN it in super-fringed pants and her stunningly powerful abs during this performance. I love the dancers on the wall behind her and her always steamy stage presence. Watch the crowd go nuts when she switches to her inspirational “Waka Waka (Time for Africa).”

Kings of Leon: “Radioactive” 

Though this performance doesn’t feature the epic dance spectacles of most of the other acts, I’ve always got a soft spot for bands that come to these award shows to show viewers the best of their performing abilities without all that other jib-jab. Plus, this song is beautiful! That gravelly voice just gives me the shivers. 

Carmen B.