Finals are coming up—shouldn’t you be studying? Hey, I trust you. I’m sure you’re just on a quick five minute Internet break to check out our latest outfits. Why not GrooveShark your way thru a couple of brainy tunes while you’re at it? These songs are sure to make you think—or at least bust out the dictionary. 

Radiohead – Fitter Happier
Feeling like your head is jumbled up with too much information? Put it in perspective with this robotic track that reads almost like computerized poetry. As frontman Thom Yorke puts it, “The reason ‘Fitter Happier’ exists is ‘cos of mental background noise. Some days you’re in a disturbed state and it moves to the front.”

Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
These rich boys sure have a way with storytelling! Relax your busy brain with this story about a girl named Johanna chasing after a silver ring—and take a second to marvel and the excellent rhyming of “exotica” with “turquoise harmonica”. Wordsmiths!

Alan Cohen ExperienceSpace & Time (Album)
I couldn’t just narrow this one down. Alan Cohen’s latest album was inspired by Stephen Hawking’s seminal work, A Brief History of Time. Each song is a chapter-by-chapter interpretation of Hawking’s book, and showcases Cohen’s pleasant blend of rock, funk, and pop. Listening to this is at least as educational as reading that textbook next to you!
Visit his Myspace to check out tracks from this record!

Carmen B.