This blog is for all of the curious teenagers out there who sometimes wonder what the 90’s were like.
The final decade of the last millennium was pretty cool indeed,  bringing with it the official birth of hip-hop, grunge and alternative rock wailing like a newborn babe.
Torn up jeans literally decomposed on the legs of grunge rockers, and the neon clothes of the 80′ were trampled by the vivid primary colors that everybody was wearing (backwards).
For you, my young lovelies, I’d like to share some of the finer things that came out of the Bush (Sr.) years.
Here is a carefully compiled  list of early 90’s albums that are timeless to this day!
Pixies: Bossanova, 1990 . . .Crazy punky indie at its finest.
Depeche Mode: Violator, 1990. . . I know you’ve danced to these songs before. This is one of my favorite gettin’ ready albums!
En Vogue: Funky Divas, 1992. . . Yes, yes, yes!
Blind Melon: Self Titled, 1992. . .Sweet and rockin’ like only 90’s hippie alternative can do.
Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream, 1993 
Janet Jackson: Janet, 1993. . . In conjunction with her movie “Poetic Justice”, some of her best work ever!
Salt N’ Pepa: Very Necessary, 1993. . . An absolute classic, listen today!!!!
Pearl Jam: Vitalogy, 1994. . .What can I say. . ees just so good!
Soundgarden: Superunknown, 1994. . .Seattle’s best hard rock with lyrics for days. . .I mean, “Spoonman”! For reals?!!!
Nirvana: MTV Unplugged, 1994 . . .”Candlelight. . . try it.