Gwendolyn and Lucy Giles are a musical force to be reckoned with, as the Sacramento-based garage band Dog Party. These teenage sisters will surprise you with their raw talent, sweet looks and spicy fervor for hard-rockin’ music with songs like P.A.R.T.Y.  and the amazing Andy Wu. After being handed a copy of their newest album, P.A.R.T.Y., I was able to catch up with the sisters for an interview.
So, I think you are the youngest artists I have interviewed. How old are you currently?
Gwendolyn: 15
Lucy: 13
How did you get started in music?
We’ve always had music in our lives, and once we started playing instruments, a family friend, Zach Goodin (who was in an LA based band Bargin Music and now runs Half of Nothing Records) , had us play together instead of in our respective rooms.

Tell us about your first live show.
Our first live show was in June ’08 at the Fire Escape, and we opened for Agent Orange. We played a three song set with one encore. It was crazy and our first experience with moshing.

How many shows do you think you’ve played?
Over the last 4 years, we’ve played a little over 200 shows.

What about balancing music with school and your social lives. What is an average week like for you?

Gwendolyn: My average week day is school, track/cross-country practice, homework, dinner, homework, sleep, and repeat. My weekends in the winter are up in Tahoe because Lucy and I ski race for Squaw Valley. Any other weekend, we are playing shows.

Lucy: During the week I go to school, take pictures, draw, do homework, and play music. On Tuesdays I go to drum lessons, and on weekends I either ski or play shows.
So Gwendolyn plays guitar, Lucy plays drums and you both sing. Do you have any other instruments in your lives?

Gwendolyn: On both of our records, I play the bass tracks, and for one of Dog Party’s earliest songs, I played keyboard.

Lucy: For acoustic shows, I play the guitar and sometimes Gwennie and I swap instruments in electric sets.

I hear a lot of early 90’s Grunge/Garage Band in your music, but you two probably weren’t even born yet. Do you think that the 90’s have influenced your music?
We listen to a lot of different music old and new, but when it comes to song writing, we don’t try to make it have a certain sound. We just play and make it happen.

Who are your biggest musical influences overall?
Gwendolyn: I like Green Day, Kepi Ghoulie, Agent Ribbons, and Cage the Elephant.

: RAMONES!!!!!!! Meg White, The Groovie Ghoulies and their female drummers- Scampi and Wendy.

Do you have other hobbies besides music?
Both: Sports are a big thing for us.

Gwendolyn: I like to make videos and take/edit photos. I also like fashion!
Lucy: I paint, draw, and make stencils a lot. I also like to take pictures and eat Mexican food.
Are there any current fashion trends that you’re into? We want to hear about your personal styles.
Gwendolyn: I’ve had a LOT of different looks for shows. Right now I am rolling a vintage look with my combat boots and an assortment of dresses.
Lucy: I’m in a Ramones phase at the moment so I wear a lot of black, stripes, studded belts, and leather jackets/jean vests.

What would you like to be doing in five years?
Gwendolyn: Rockin’ and a rollin’! I’m still going to college in a couple of years, but music will always play a huge roll in my life.

Playing music.

Any words of wisdom for young aspiring musicians?
Gwendolyn: Don’t try to sound like another band. Just play and let the music find you :)

Lucy: You can’t just sit in your room with your headphones on and play to yourself. Go out, start a band, and do something or else nothing is going to ever happen.

Listen to my personal favorite from the album, Andy Wu and check out Dog Party’s Facebook or tumblr to find out about the new album and upcoming shows!
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