If you’ve ever made a slap bet, sung along to “Let’s go to the Mall,” or been frightened by a cockamouse, then chances are, you’ve become acquainted with a little show called How I Met Your Mother.

HIMYM — as fans so lovingly refer to it — is in its fifth season, where the adventures of Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and of course Barney Stinson, still have me absolutely hooked. The CBS sitcom keeps its fans coming back with a plot full of twists and turns as well as plenty of witticisms, inside jokes and fun-loving moments.

It’s funny how many people are absolute addicts of the show. I just talked to a friend who did a “HIMYM Night Out,” which included: suiting up, playing laser tag, going to a cigar lounge and ending the night at an Irish pub. Sounds like it was … wait for it … legendary!


Tell me what you love about HIMYM!!