Remember that scene in 500 Days of Summer, where Tom and Summer “play house” in Ikea? There’s that hilarious little sequence in which they pretend to use the T.V. and sink and are perplexed when they both don’t work. All the while they happily bound from room to room as if no one else is there. If you thought that was fun, then wait until you experience the drama and the laughs of Ikea Heights. Yes, Ikea Heights.

Created by the very funny Dave Seger, Paul Bartunek, Delbert Shoopman, Spencer Strauss, and Tom Kauffman, this melodramatic mini-series is set entirely in an Ikea store located in Burbank CA. Here, the characters go about their soap opera lifestyles in tidy bedrooms and kitchens – all while unknowing shoppers do double takes as they past and accidently walk in on serious conversations between husband and wife while cooking breakfast. Below is the very first episode. Watch it, but watch out – it’s addicting.