When my friend Quinn got an internship/job at a cupcake bakery I was, I have to say, more than a little bit confused. But then one day at her house, on accident, I picked up a bite sized banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and … I understood instantly!

When I found out that these bite-sized delectable treats, created by the wonderfully fashionable Keavy Landreth, were sold down the street from my Brooklyn apartment, they became my favorite! New York is famous for its chic pastry shops and boutiques, especially its cupcakes.

However, funny thing is, this gal has taken it to a whole new level and made cupcakes taste like nothing they have ever tasted like before. Flavors such as Maple Bacon Pecan, Lemon Lavender, Coffee Carmel Bourbon, and P.B. Banana Honey are catchy not just to the ear, but to your tongue as well.

She has not only created cool flavors but a new way to eat them. I mean, what is more appealing than being able to pop a cupcake into your mouth like a bonbon?

With a BFA from the renowned Parsons School of Design, The French Culinary Institute, and the Culinary Institute of America we could even begin to call her Willy Wonka reincarnate!

 My suggestion…. stage a dress up dessert tea party with all your girlfriends this week!