The weekend after Thanksgiving is a great time to go and see a few movies with family and friends. I was wondering, for myself, which ones I should see and which ones I shouldn’t when The Daily Beast sent out this helpful list that says just that. 

Here are a few to try out from the to see list!

Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows: Part One

The New York Times says that the Deadly Hallows: “manages to be both a steppingstone and a reasonably satisfying experience in its own right.”


The Hollywood Reporter says that although “It has to be one of the oldest stories in the Hollywood playbook… this tale gets a vibrant makeover in writer-director Steve Antin’s toe-tapping, flamboyantly skin-deep musical Burlesque.”


For all of you cartoon skeptics out there, I include myself in that group, this cartoon actually looks pretty sweet AND funny. A tale of a superhero told in the voices of Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill couldn’t sound better than this. 

Have a great weekend!