Whose apartment or home doesn’t need a little feng shui makeover every now and again? In my case, stuff was taking over my tiny living space and my life.

Knick knacks, old letters, and clothes I never wore any more. All had to go, except for the books.

I have a sentimental attachment to books, and I’m never able to part with my favorites – of which there are many. And then there’s my college text books, which I MAY need one day…for something I’m sure. Some grammar debate that can only be solved by my Introduction to English Grammar, Volume 1, or something along those lines.

With a limited number of shelving space and growing frustration, a good friend directed me to this great little post from a site called Apartment Therapy. This website is chock-full of ideas for apartment dwellers, seeking to add organization and beauty to their living space. 

I love the pictures featured here, filled with clever ways to stack your books, with or without the help of a bookshelf. I love the books stacked in the fireplace (top), but I’m pretty sure if I had an awesome fireplace like that, I’d use it for making cozy fires instead. :)

So check out the site. It’s really amazing, with many creative ideas we could all learn from. You guys have any tips for making the most out of a small space?

Photos from post: Roundup: Books on the Floor by Jessica Tata