First off, I know these shows do not depict the real New Jersey. And I acknowledge that people have been insulted and embarrassed by these shows.

With that said, I have to admit I can’t get enough of these New Jersey shows. Fist pumping, GTL (Gym, tan, and laundry), and hair poufs, these “guidos” and “guidettes” have established a place in television history.

(Cast of Jersey Shore)

MTV first noticed the popularity of the garden state back in 2003 when they did an episode of True Life: I have a Summer Share which featured twenty somethings living on seaside for the summer. This episode became one their most popular, which led to True Life: I have a Summer Share 2, True Life: I’m a Jersey Girl, and then to the ever so controversial Jersey Shore in 2009. This show created so much negative buzz, it actually caused ratings to boost, making Jersey Shore one of MTV’s most popular/watched shows (Season 2 coming July 29th!).

(Cast of Jerseylicious and Jersey Couture)  

Thanks to their success, shows like Jerseylicious on Style Network and the new Jersey Couture from Oxygen are popping up. These shows might not last past next year or Jersey Shore might become MTV’s new Real World. With characters like “The Situation” and “Snooki”, all I can say is I’ll be there on my couch watching the insanity ensue.