Call us crazy, but we have recently started sponsoring Gabriella Lakoczky a women’s MMA fighter from Sweden who currently resides in Las Vegas! Below are some pictures of Gabriella wearing while fighting in the Tuff-n-Uff: Tuff Girls competition!


We sent Gabriella some interview questions to get to know a little more about Gabriella and here are her answers!

How are you able to be a fighter and still be stylish? 

I have always been interested in fashion. I used to be a personal shopper here in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to have clients abroad as well in places like Berlin, Dublin and of course my home country Sweden. I subscribe to Lucky, Instyle, NYLON and W. It’s just something I enjoy. I buy most of my things in Europe. There is a fabulous fashion show in Berlin and Barcelona I love to attend called B&B bread and butter….phenomenal!! And also The Project show here in Vegas twice a year. 

How would you describe your style?

It’s European Street.. I love mixing designer labels with less expensive brands.. I can relate to Black Eyed Peas in the way they choose to mix it up!! 

Do you have any fashion icons? 

Anyone who has a fresh idea and can put it into fabric is someone I can appreciate..but of course Dior is my favorite

What do you look for in clothes when it comes to comfort? 

Honestly I’ve always choosen to suffer and be fashionable rather than comfortable, until i started fighting….needless to say your feet do not agree with stiletto heels or pointy shoes when you kick people 3-4 hours per day!!! ahahahaha!!

What is one of your fashion or accessory must have’s?

My Dior bag and my Cavalli belt!

What is your basic night on the town outfit? 

Never basic I try to mix it up and make sure I don’t look like anyone else….always representing my own style. I prefer denim, I leave the skimpy outfits to other girls. I like the funky and flirty look!! But always classy.

After all of the fighting is done, what is your favorite thing to do for fun?

Travel ….go to a music concert…..dinner with friends….as long as I laugh and smile and my friends do the same it’s a winning evening!!!