I had never even heard of British actress Carey Mulligan until I went to see her staring role in An Education. And it wasn’t until I looked her up on IMDB that I realized I’d not only seen Carey play Kitty Bennet in the remake of Pride and Prejudice, but I had actually watched her perform live in Chekhov’s The Seagull at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

She had always stood out to me, but it wasn’t until An Education that I really took notice of the girl who’s rumored to be the next Audrey Hepburn. I loved watching her character’s growth throughout the movie, from the smart school girl who threw caution to the wind, to a woman who was wiser to the ways of the world but more spirited than ever.

Her fashion style also changes with her growth. She starts out in her plain school girl uniform and then experiments with her new grown-up lifestyle by donning elegant coats, dresses and updos. I loved the movie and the message, and her performance was fresh and honest. I look forward to seeing more of Carey’s work in the future, and this time, I won’t have to read her name in the credits to know who she is.