I saw Where The Wild Things Are this weekend and was pleasantly captivated by the film. The haunting lyrics from Karen O and the Kids caught my attention and drew me right into the imaginative world of Max (the main character).

The movie adaptation of the book Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak has created quite a stir within the hipster crowds. The fact that the Queen of Hipsterdom and Indie Rock herself, Karen O, did the soundtrack, topped it off.

Karen O did a marvelous job keeping the sound raw, which heightens the drama of the film. In an interview with NY Magazine, Karen O says this of the raw feeling in the music:

“We wanted it to be immediately familiar—like you’ve known the songs your entire life. I will sacrifice any formality for just the right spirit and feeling. We used a lot of the first mixes because as soon as you start messing around and trying to make things perfect, the feeling goes missing and it’s hard to get back.”

I have attached a YouTube example of the music. But I would highly recommend not basing your opinion of the movie on this clip and just going and seeing the wild rumpus take place yourself!

“Inside all of us is a Wild Thing” -Maurice Sendak