Sex and the City fans everywhere are no doubt greatly anticipating the release of the second movie later this month. If I wasn’t excited by the first trailer, the newest ones have me floored.
Upon seeing Carrie’s past love interest, Aidan Shaw, added to the mix, I quickly cried to my roommate, “What are they doing to me?”
A lover of the good guy with no tricks up his sleeve, I was a big Aidan fan and disappointed to see him go. Bringing him back now would just be toying with my heart.
That’s when I wondered what other fans thought. Were there any second thoughts in regards to losing Aidan, or was Mr. Big the right choice? 

I took a quick poll of fellow Lulus workers who watched the show, asking if they’d choose Mr. Big or Aidan for Carrie’s soul mate. Outcome: Mr. Big won by two votes.

While many of us would have picked Aidan ourselves, there was a general agreement that he wasn’t right for Carrie. Now, that I can understand.
Now it’s your turn: Who would you choose? And please, no spoilers!
(Photo above by Annie Leibovitz. Watch the trailer here!)