It’s not even September yet, but I’m yearning for the arrival of fall and all its magic wonders. Fallen leaves, smoky air and maybe even a spooky scent or two.
If being a little out there and edgy is your game, then you need to give the range of perfumes by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lap a good sniff. 
Based in North Hollywood, Black Phoenix was created by the magnificent mind of Beth Barrial.
Inspired by history, mythology and literature, Black Phoenix features hundres of unique scents from The Raven to Haunted to JabberwockyEach scent embodies a time, place and feeling to transport your mind and awaken your senses.  

Watch the interview with Beth Barrial above to learn more, and if you adore the interviewer Katie Puckrik, like me, you must check out her website and YouTube page: KatiePuckrikSmells for her reviews on all kinds of perfumes!