First of all, she’s 13.

Second of all, she’s adorable.

Third of all, she is one of the best blogger pop culture haute couture vintage fashion experts within the universe of online blogging.

Fourth, she is ssssSO cool LOVE Magazine is sending out fake online editions with her on the cover!

Fifth, she realized the potential of an online interactive audience of millions to reach out to for the Save Darfur campaign. And did it.

Sixth, she has her own t-shirts and hand knit things for sale.

Seventh, she takes her own photographs and edits them all by herself!

Eighth, she layers her vintage finds in a way that age or sophistication couldn’t match, fake, or even try to emulate.

Ninth, she is witty and sarcastic enough to make you read a 13-year-old.

And last but certainly not least:

TEN, her name is TAVI.