The buzz for Avatar is frantically taking over the movies. This thrilling and bone chillingly cool movie is ready to be watched, re-watched, and then hailed as one of the “great” movies of all time.

It is not the plot of Avatar that captured and won me over, nor the character development, but the combination of technologies along with the compelling love story, that created a world in which I found myself in awe of. The plot was much like the Fern Gully of my youth … the fairies that have to save the forest … and the story followed the typical “bad man that turns good and falls in love with the princess” tale

But I was still a total sucker for the “Save the Earth” motive behind it all. There is a lot going on within our ecosystem concerning our relationship to it and our blatant neglect of that relationship in the last hundred years has dug us into a pretty big hole.

Avatar brought forward a way of seeing what is around us and how we interact with our environment that is very important. It brought out, in an “alien” world, a way to see the environment as a web of communication and interaction that is inherently important to the survival of that world (and ours).

I was intrigued mostly by the way that the terrain lit up when the characters walked upon it. Or when it got dark and their freckles sparkled and glowed! Check out the trailer below if you have not seen the movie already!