DIYHappy Hour: Curated Cocktails

curated cocktails - a round up of our favorite sips for fall

Instead of going out, switch up your Friday night by having the girls over and being your own bartender! We love a good cocktail (and we’ve got the recipes to prove it), so consider this your Lulus guide to curating your own perfect happy hour menu. Whether you like to sip on something crisp and bubbly or sweet and fruity, we’ve been mixing up our take on cocktail faves for years and we have just the drink to get your girls’ night going. Read on for a list of our top ten favorite cocktails from the Lulus blog and a couple of our favorite entertaining tips too!

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FashionThe 6 Fall Shoe Trends You Should Have in Your Closet ASAP

Shoes are one of the easiest and quickest ways to update your wardrobe for a new season. And since we still have a ways to go before sweater weather arrives, it only makes sense to infuse some footwear newness into our warm-weather looks. Fall 2018 shoe trends run the gamut from ultrafeminine to edgy, meaning there are several stylish ways to get your look up to speed this season. Pair the must-haves below with your favorite summer dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and skirts now, then wear them with jeans, leather, and layers later on. You may not feel totally ready to say goodbye to your sandals — and that’s ok —but these fresh finds, you can ease into autumnal style while still enjoying the late summer sunshine. Ahead, the six shoe trends you should have in your closet this fall.

Pointy Toe Mules:


From the ease of getting them on and off to the decidedly Carrie Bradshaw-inspired vibe, we can’t get enough of this slip-on style, specifically of the pointy-toe variety. Whether you opt for square toe kitten heel bow mules in beige, flat fuchsia mules, or high heel white mules, you’ll be Fall style-ready in no time.

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General7 Small Ways You Can Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

national women's health and fitness day

Yes, we know there is a “day” for everything now — but today is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, a holiday we are wholeheartedly getting behind. Because what’s more important than your health? Spoiler alert: Nothing.

Now we’re not talking about morphing into an exercise and nutrition guru or quitting your job to become a fitness influencer — though of course, you’re more than welcome to do either of those if it feels right for you. No, our goals are smaller, more manageable, and, we think, more realistic. It doesn’t take a total transformation to become the healthier version of you — even little changes can have major impact on your overall well-being. So today, we’re celebrating National Women’s Health and Fitness Day by giving you seven super simple ways to get healthier.

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GeneralMoney Saving Tips For College Life

how to save money in college

In college? Need simple money saving tips? We all know that college life can be overwhelming at times; you have to focus on staying on top of your homework, getting to class on time, enjoying a social life, and staying on trend, while simultaneously staying on budget. But there is a way to manage your finances to make sure you have enough to cover your basic expenses and save, as well as splurge every now and then on new clothes or a night out. It’s a valuable skill that many people don’t learn until it is too late, and their life has become unaffordable, so now’s the time to get it under control. If you’re ready to take money matters into your own hands, read on to learn how to start a basic budget and our favorite tips for managing your college expenses.

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FashionZodiac Style File: Libra Style for the Signs

libra style file - zodiac style recommendations

We’re not saying Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Gwenyth Paltrow owe their amazing sense of style to their zodiac sign, but is it any surprise they’re all lovely Libras? We’re not saying every Libra looks like a runway model every second of every day, but we will say it’s pretty hard to find a Libra who doesn’t deliver certified LEWKS on the daily. Ultra-balanced Libra is the master of mixing. From chic street style vibes one day to gala-ready glam the next, this sign is a natural born fashionista with the uncanny ability to pull off anything. If you weren’t born right at the cusp of autumn but want to borrow a page out of a Libra’s book, keep reading for our tips on capturing that distinct Libra style for every sign!

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