Throughout the 20th century, America has witnessed a myriad of changes within our culture and social norms, including music, literature, television and fashion. While the importance fashion plays on everyday life could be considered minute to some, each and every one of us wakes up in the morning and decides what to wear in one way or another. Our closets are filled with different articles of clothing, which regardless of how highly we value them or whether or not we consider fashion to play any part in our identity, they do speak to today’s cultural norms, as well as communicate an unconscious message to others.

Like most facets of pop-culture, fashion is in an almost constant state of motion and evolution, while also having the ability to influence American culture and society, and can even play a part in the psychology of the country as a whole. While this statement may seem far-fetched to some, certain clothing styles do tend to influence different states of mind. For instance, the overall shift of women’s fashion in the mid-1900’s from wearing dresses to more casual pants and trousers also coincided with the women’s suffrage movement and has thus changed the state of women’s casual-wear as we know it today.

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