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CelebrityFavorite Flicks of 2012 – Part 1

Trolls. Time travel. Troubled teens and… Andy Samberg.
These are a few of my favorite things!
At least when it comes to the movies of twenty-twelve.
So, without further ado, my top five flicks from last year!

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Both impeccable casting and brilliant writing make this film adaptation of the popular book a must-see. Logan Lerman is captivating, Emma Watson forever charming, and Ezra Miller is downright hilarious. With real emotion for relevant topics, this movie is a breath of fresh film air.

The Hobbit

Dwarves and trolls and elves, oh my! The long-awaited “Hobbit” was quite the cinematic adventure that definitely leaves you wanting more (So it’s a good thing we’re in for two more sequels!). It’s easy to get lost in Middle-Earth; the story, the characters, the eyes of a couple of dreamy dwarves… Wait, what was I talking about again?

The Hunger Games

If you were as in love with the popular Suzanne Collins trilogy as I was, this movie did not disappoint. Another great book-to-film adaptation, “The Hunger Games,” while heartbreaking and hopeful, told a wonderful story of overcoming all odds, whether ever in your favor or dangerously against you. Katniss Everdeen gave new meaning to the phrase “girl power!”


JGL is awesome. Bruce Willis is also awesome. JGL as Bruce Willis… Freakin’. Awesome. Prepare to have your mind blown as “Looper” keeps you guessing until the very end. And even when the end comes, you may find yourself wondering… “Was young Bruce Willis really that hot?”

Celeste & Jesse Forever

Celeste and Jesse are an adorable couple, practically perfect, but even they are a bit dysfunctional. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg create the quirkiest, cutest on-screen couple since Zooey and Joseph, Ross and Rachel, and Corey and Topanga. “Celeste & Jesse” is hilarious and heart-warming. It may not end how you’d expect, but it’s totally worth it.

Didn’t see your favorite movie of 2012 on this list? Well, just wait until next week… I just could not stop at five! Until then, what were some of last year’s top movies for you, fabulous film-goers?

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CelebrityA Chloë Moment! Miu Miu Ad Campaigns Then and Now

She’s at it again! It’s sweet sixteen for 37 year-old fashion icon, Chloë Sevigny, marked by her second run in a Miu Miu ad campaign. That’s right, back in 1996 Chloë graced Miu Miu’s very minimalist campaign, turned out in ’90s plaids, fitted shirts, and issuing a subtle yet playful skater-girl chic.
The Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, on the other hand, grasps a metropolitan, tech-fueled era with electric pops of color burning through menswear-inspired suit jackets, collared shirts, and ties.

BeautyMaybe She’s Born With It: Maybelline Calendar 2012

Oh 2012, what will your next eight months bring? So far we’ve had a craze of minty freshness and pops of powerful citrus, but Maybelline seems to think the future might just be even brighter than that. With fistfuls of glitter, a whole lot of spandex, and some berry beautiful shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, the window-washers, teachers, and mechanics of the future are about to have a whole lot more glam under their tool belts.
No pants required! We writers are definitely in the right profession.
Next time I need to change a tire, I’ll make sure to pack my bodysuit and fishnets.
No need to microwave the leftovers; takeout just got so much hotter!
View the rest of the calender pics here.
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FashionStreet Spotlight: Sao Paulo Fashion Week

I am a huge fan/follower of street style around the globe. I love discovering local flair and being able to be inspired by it and interpret it into my own wardrobe. So I thought it was about time we brought some more street style fashions to the Lulu*s blog so you ladies could be inspired just like me!

A couple weeks ago Brazil had it’s fashion week, and Facehunter, an awesome street style blog, caught some amazing fashion and flair from the patrons of the shows. Check out some of my favorite outfits below!
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FashionBest of Pre-Fall 2012

Okay, so if you didn’t know, we just finished the pre-fall season for 2012. Below I  highlighted my 10 favorite collections from the pre-fall season, in no particular order. You can agree with me or not, it’s okay, it’s what make the world turn, you know? You can always comment with your thoughts (wink wink, nudge nudge). 




*So Chanel would totally make this list (it was one of my fav shows) but we already did a blog on it. So, don’t freak out, k?