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MusicThe Darling, Sarah Darling!

I now present our favorite fan: the wondrous, the beautiful, and the charming Sarah Darling! Here is Sarah Darling’s tale of finding, music, writing, and her calling.

When I travel for music, I always grab tons of magazines for the road. I happened to grab a People Stylewatch about 6 months ago, and my eyes caught this really cute dress. It said it was from!

I’m a dress freak and a girly girl. When I got to my hotel room, I checked out the site and ended up buying a ton of stuff. I fell in love with lulus right from the start!

My favorites are the Love Fool Dress and my Miss Me jeans! I like jeans with a little bling!

Ever since I was a little girl, I was into fashion. I’ve never been afraid of color and I consider my look very classic. I have always loved wearing dresses. I think it’s because I am a fan of the 40’s. My favorite designer ever is Betsey Johnson, if that says anything about me.

I grew up a small-town girl who loves fishing, baseball and the outdoors, but I might be wearing a fancy dress while doing it. (Ha ha!) I’m the type of girl who wears cute stuff while I cook! I am a fan of women dressing up and feeling feminine!

As I get older, I’ve been doing a lot more accessorizing. I’m totally obsessed with scarves right now. I think I might have a hundred!

I’m loving the tights and legging with dresses. I think that will always be in style!

Music has always been a part of who I am. I was born singing, I swear. Been wanting to do this since I can remember. My music is very real and I consider my songs little stories of my life. When I write a song, I put my heart into it.

I started writing at age 23. I moved to Nashville at 20 and it took a failed relationship and just being away from my family to really inspire me to start writing music.

“Jack Of Hearts” was written about a boy that I fell madly in love with. It just so happened that when we were having problems in our relationship, a friend into astrology said that he was the Jack of Hearts. Apparently we all have a card that lines up with our birthday. Check out your card. It’s so much fun! I wrote a little song about it anyway!

My favorite part of making the album was seeing my songs come to life. You are so much more personally invested when the songs are yours and your diary. My goal is to always move people. That’s what music is all about to me. I consider it my gift in life. 

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling’s music video for Jack of Hearts (above) is one of the top 50 Music Videos of 2009 on Great American Country … soooo ladies, go vote for Sarah Darling so her video moves to #1!


FashionTrend Alert: How To Wear Knee High Socks

No longer just a uniform accessory for school girls, knee high socks are making a big comeback this season for women of all ages. Spied constantly on the stars and repeatedly on the set of Gossip Girl, these socks are truly strutting their stuff!

The look is so easy, simple and cute. These socks especially make a great transition piece for fall, allowing you to transform shorts or a skirt into a colorful, weather appropriate outfit.

I love them paired with a sophisticated oxford heel or cute bootie, as seen on Blake Lively below. They also make a perfect couple with the growing trend of tall boots as seen on Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba (below).

Available in many different colors and prints, these stylin’ socks are taking the center stage when it comes to fall wardrobes everywhere. If you want in on the trend, check out our new collection of knee highs.

My favorites? The Argyle Addict Knee High Socks in Brown and the Kawaii Crocheted Knee High Socks in Teal.

FashionSmiles and Sunny Dispositions!

As winter approaches and chilly weather sets in, we’re keeping our spirits up here at with the Sunny Disposition Cap in Mustard! sold out!] This cheerful yellow knit cap quickly became an office favorite, and we just had to let you know how much we’re lovin’ it!

A colorful topper to a casual outfit and even a quick solution to a bad hair day (hey, they happen), this cap has been a quick selling purchase. Join Shandi, Lindsey, and Lindsey, and get yours today! It will have you looking up in no time.

NewsKristin Knauff Trend Report: Just in From LA!

Kristin Knauff is our style/trend reporter from Los Angeles, and this week she sent me these pics and trends from around town in L.A.!

Here we have a classic looking, but absolutely adorably done up, curly haired cardigan wearing, chic gal in a blousy frilly top! Check out her high waisted black bottom (skirt or pants) … it looks cute whatever it is!

This cool vintage or vintage inspired striped and loose fitting off the shoulder sweater is topped off with necklaces layered and mixed for a little pizzazz. Next to Miss Pizzaz we have an oversized and overprinted hair accessory that is totally fabulous. With a bow like this to finish it off all you have to wear is a black shift and some high heels (and waaaala the “package” is complete)!

Another buzz about town is mustaches… according to our sources…. mustaches should not be a strictly masculine thing. Women, embrace the stache, and adorn an adorable mustache necklace such as this lovely lady has done!

Kristin has more awesome pics coming, so keep posted!

FashionFall Trends: Pretty in Purple

Symbolizing royalty, nothing will turn heads or make an impression more than the color purple.

This fall, we’ve been spoiled with styles embracing the purple trend! Lilac, plum, amethyst, eggplant, pomegranate and wine are just some of the shades sported on the runway, the stars, and now on you!

Get your purple fix here at Lulus with our fantastic selection of purple clothing, dresses, jewelry, and leggings!