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FashionCute with CARA!

I caught Cara (our stylist) looking oh so cute last week. Cara was wearing the floral + stripes combo that is on the rise this season!

Below you find the Valerie Floral Tank by Alternative Apparel with our new Zooey Bow Earrings by Claire Fong, Divine Rights of Denim jeans, and boots topped off with the Somber Brown Fedora by Brixton, all from

FashionHats Off to Brixton Hats!

We’ve welcomed a fantastic new brand here at! Meet Brixton, a trendy and hip line of clothes and accessories for both men and women.

We’re lovin’ all the new hats that arrived this week. Seriously, the Somber Brown Fedora has been an office favorite. My personal favorite is the Fiddler Cap in black herringbone. Check out the Parlor Hat and Castor Hat while you’re at it.

Also, take a peek at the product shots on Brixton’s website. I love the way they’re styled for an everyday chic look.

FashionCurrently Channeling: SLOANE from the Brat Pack

A couple weeks ago, I was featuring a daily Brat Pack inspired outfit from our stylist Cara, called Currently Channeling, and never got the last Brat outfit up online. This last outfit for Currently Channeling with Cara changed a few times because of different items that kept going in and out of stock. Despite that, I think this outfit is pretty awesome, so check it out and tell us what you think!

Here’s my final look of the 80s Brat Pack look: Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Sloane not only taught me how to be the coolest girlfriend of all time, but gave me some great inspirations to create a laid back look. Here’s how you too can channel Sloane!

Here are the Zoe Sunglasses [sold out!], the Iliad Necklace in Bronze, the Fleur Cowl Neck Tunic by Alternative Apparel, the Lydie Handbag in Grey [sold out!], the BB Dakota Calista Shorts,  and the Nexus Double Wrap Belt in Black.

FashionLove Her Look: Krysten Ritter

You may know American actress Krysten Ritter as the “quirky friend” in shows and movies like Gilmore Girls, 27 Dresses and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Ritter’s charming characters are always a treat to watch, and the personality and individual style she brings to the screen are always inspiring.

Raven locks with blunt short bangs and translucent skin give this former model a unique look that seamlessly takes on a fun retro style. I love seeing her in pretty floral dresses and funky accessories! For more pics and info on her look, the Amy Nadine Beauty Blog is a great resourse. And don’t forget to check out Ritter’s new film, She’s Outta My League, coming this Spring!

FashionReporting from Milan: Italian Craftsmanship

Here is Megan’s newest post from Milan!

But first, below is a picture from the Dolce & Gabbana menswear line for Spring Summer 2010, which featured lots of ripped denim and expertly tailored velvet coats on beautiful men with ridiculously slicked back hair. When viewing Italian fashion, one must remember that Italians have a sense of humor, and they love things to be totally over the top. So if you think it’s ridiculous, they probably do too! But you have to love it all the more!

Below this, Megan has attached a picture of a large public statue that is an abstract needle and thread. Milan is a very strong center for fashion and design. Here is what Megan has to say about the tradition of menswear in Milan and Italy.

On the dawn of men’s Fashion Week, Milan is the city to be in!
Here in Italy, men’s Fashion Week is almost bigger than women’s Fashion Week!

With menswear, the changes every season come in the details, and there is rarely anything too drastic. The focus on detail is probably because Italians take great pride with their craftsmanship, and something that I’ve learned from being in Italy is that nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

To further prove this point, I have gotten a closer look into one of Italy’s leading luxury brands.

Because the adherance to detail and craftsmanship applies across the board for all of the Italian luxury brands, I will leave them unnamed, but I got a chance to talk to someone that works as a bag tech designer for a luxury company. He was, as did others in his family, brought up in the trade of leather accessories.

The particular brand that he works for wouldn’t even considering hiring you without an apprenticeship for a number of years. To them, quality is first, always. Italians don’t play around with the craftsmanship of their leather goods: handbags, wallets, shoes, etc. They view it as something that is literally “in their blood,” and they have to do it right!

So for this upcoming Milan men’s Fashion Week, I hope you definitely check out all of the details! If you find yourself in Milan for Fashion Week, check out the schedule, throw on some sunglasses and lipstick (celeb status), and try to get into the shows!

Ciao, Baci