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FashionShe’s Got the Look…For Less!!

Looking designer chic doesn’t have to break the bank. Here at Lulus, we’re bringing you looks hot off the runway for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Need proof? Check out the comparison below.

The beautifully crafted Mini Paillette Jacket by Lavin (left) could be yours for a pretty penny — $1,595.00! Or, you could opt for our equally chic and adorable Sequin Affair Crop Jacket [sold out!]. This baby gives you two for the price of one, as it can easily change to a silver jacket with the brush of a hand. At the price of just $70, this look is a steal!



FashionLulus Outfit of the Week!!

Here at Lulus, when we don’t know what to wear to work or out on a date, we always ask each other what to do. This morning, though, we didn’t even have to ask, because Brittany walked in looking so cute, we all want to buy the same dress and are feeling confident about looking cute this week!

Now, if any of you are wondering how to look cute at work this week, we wanted to share the “Brittany” outfit solution with you!

For this look:

* Ada Dress in Black [sold out!]

* Nexus Double Wrap Belt in Brown [sold out!]

* Steve Madden Hunny Brown Leather Belted Knee High Boot [sold out!]

P.S. & FYI-  Brittany always looks this cute! So we are bound to have more outfit ideas in Lulus clothes by Brittany!

FashionHot Trend: Bib Necklaces

Though the name may sound funny, bib necklaces are making quite the mark in the fashion world. Layered, chunky and boasting plenty of bling, these necklaces can make even the most bland of outfits effortlessly glamourous.

The trick to making this look work is to keep the neckline as simple as possible. A neckline that frames the necklace or serves as a flat, subtle background works best. Check out these bib necklaces found on the stars, the runway and on our models here at!

BeautyHow to Hair: Heidi Braids

Sometimes, we gals just don’t want to mess with our hair in the morning. Enough with the blow drying, the straightening, and the hairspray already!

When you’ve got five minutes to get to work, and you want a hair style to get you through the day looking fabulous, the Heidi Braid is your answer. Follow these 5 simple steps, and get ready for the compliments:

  1. Part hair down the middle and separate into two pony tails.
  2. Braid each pony tail and tie off with clip or hair tie.
  3. Lift one braid and lay over the top of your head. Fasten with bobby pins.
  4. Lift up the other braid, lay it parallel to the first braid, and fasten into place.
  5. Secure both braids with as many bobby pins as you see fit.

Now you can make this look clean or messy, depending on your mood. Personally, I like mine to look a little windswept, like Mary Kate’s braid above. To start with, braid more loosely and then lightly curl a few loose strands around your face to soften the look.

Remember, when you’re in a pinch, this look is a cinch. That Heidi knew what she was yodelling about.

FashionBelt Battle Basics

Ah, Monday morning — that time when, from behind your blurry eyes and before that life giving first cup of coffee, you need to fight the good fashion battle.

This morning, I find my arsenal of fashion (aka my closet) lacking in certain areas. I had the skirts, the shirts, the shoes, the socks….. but after 20 minutes of trying to pair every top with my magenta tube skirt  I realized it was a lack of accessories holding me back. That’s right — I found myself defeated by a total belt break-down.


Belts are a must-have — the more, the better. As I discovered at 7:15 this morning, just one black leather belt to hold up your jeans won’t do. A varity of color, shape, and size is needed to start a nice belt base.

Big belts are an excellent way to help break up large areas of color into a new layer- such as the High Sierras Belt in Grey [sold out!] (which would have been my saving grace this morning). I love the way skinny belts like the That’s a Wrap Belt [sold out!] helps articulate a waist, like on rompers or fitted woven pieces. Another quick fix to get ahead in the fashion battle is to use the belt itself as the dominate piece in an outfit. The Three’s Company Belt in Multi-color [sold out!] is so much fun it desrves all the wowed looks it gets!

I already feel more confident about my next Monday morning fashion battle… at least belts won’t be the problem next time 😉