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FashionLulus Do It Yourself Darling Strikes Again!

Just when we thought our little office fashionista couldn’t get any cuter, Miss Carlie waltzed into the office one afternoon sporting the gorgeous floral dress pictured below. Of course, we had to know where she got it, but the truth was that it wasn’t a dress at all; it was a SKIRT!

She had us all fooled and all immediately wanting to know how she did it. Now, Carlie once again shares her fashion secrets with us. Today’s lesson: how to make an “old lady” skirt into a fresh and beautiful dress!


— Lace or elastic to use as spaghetti straps
— Needle and thread
— Cute mid-waist belt to add shape


1. Unbutton top two or three buttons depending on how low of a cut you want.
2. Measure two equal pieces of lace (length varies depending on how you want the dress to sit).
3. Attach lace to the opening of the skirt (use needle a thread to attach).
4. Attach the other end of the lace to the back of the skirt.
5. Add a cute mid-waist belt to add shape to the dress

When looking for a shirt, choose a length and a waist width that will be flattering and comfortable for your figure. A skirt that buttons up is the most appealing when made into a dress. Also, look for a print that you can pair with one of your favorite belts and pair of shoes.

With a little trip to your local thrift store, and a little imagination, this cute look can be yours as well. Share the good news with your friends, or keep them guessing. It can be our little secret. 😉

GeneralTurks and Caicos: Your Beach Haven Getaway

Need a little R and R? If you missed out on a summer vacation, check out Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, a Caribbean paradise that will steal your breath away. Take a dip in crystaline blue waters, explore an island of iguanas, and relish exquisite beach bars and restaurants. We’ll tell you how to budget, where to go, and, of course, what to wear!

When my girlfriends said let’s plan a trip, I said yes. When they said Providenciales, I wondered who won the lotto or lost her mind. Named “best beach” by Conde Nast and World Travel Awards, “Provo” boasts stunning white sands and lavish resorts. Sarah, the ever savvy deal seeker, steered us towards a vacation package that included airfare and four nights by the beach for $520. One look at the water and a bikini in winter couldn’t sound better.

Where To Stay: The Comfort Suites, Providenciales. Understated and clean, this economical treasure is right across the road from beautiful Grace Bay. More opulent hotels include Coral Gardens, Emerald Shore Estates, and Grace Bay Suites but if you’re opting for a deal, this simple find will have you next to the water without the cost.

Where To Eat: Hang out at Jimmy’s Dive Bar for great food, including conch fritters and cold, local beer. Stick around and you’re sure to meet Jimmy, a native New Yorker who sought a change of pace and serves one mean sandwich. If you’re looking for fine dining, dinner at Hemingway’s will sate your palette and offer a memorable beachfront view. Located in the Sands at Grace Bay, a luxury resort, Heminway’s has live music Tuesdays and Thursdays and delicious food.

What To Do: Take classes at the Comfort Suites’ pool and get scuba ceritified or try your hand at the Casablanco Casino for a fun night out. No visit is complete without a sailing and snorkeling trip through Sail Provo. Not only do you relax on the water but your trip includes a stop at Iguana Island where curious critters await.

What To Wear: As always, Lulus has your back (and front). Stroll the island in the beautiful Lavender Fields Tunic [sold out!], a breezy top perfect for warm days or choose an edgier look with the Obsidian Tunic [sold out!], a raw burnout with attitude. Need to accessorize? Just grab the Bahama Mama Clutch [sold out!] and throw on some spunky bangles and you’ll be one Caribbean cutie!

FashionHot Trend: Harem Pants

At first glance, the harem pant may seem like a dressed up version of the sweatpant. Yet with their reemergence on the runway, we are seeing quite the opposite: a sophiticated look with casual flair  – for the girl who wants style but also comfort through her day.

The new harem pant also provides versitility, offering women an item that can easily transition from the sizzling hot days of summer to the cool crispness of fall. Our favorite way to sport a pair is with a simple fitted top that contrasts the color of the pants with a daring high heel that elongates the leg. The effect balances your silouhette for a look that will have you runway ready!

Luckily, is here to bring you this trend at a price that won’t break the bank! At only $34, you can bring home a pair of our comfy, yet stylish Turkish Delight Harem Pants in Black [sold out!]. Or go for a warm tone with our Knifty Knickers in Brown, a pick just perfect for the upcoming fall season!

FashionLulus Do It Yourself Darling

Fashion is the name of the game here at, where an innovative staff is dedicated to the world of clothes and the pursuit of cute. One such Lulus fashionista, Miss Carlie Oxsen, is absolutely adored around the office for her unique and inventive style.

Trendy and creative, Carlie is our go-to girl for style questions and outfit inspiration. Below is a step-by-step guide to recreating one of our favorite Carlie ensembles: the simple men’s shirt turned adorable and stylish skirt.


  • 1-1.5 yards of wide elastic
  • A man’s button-up shirt
  • A sewing machine
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors


1.  Buy a man’s dress shirt (steal from boyfriend or visit your local thrift store….)

2.  Cut a straight line across shirt, beginning right below sleeves of shirt.

3.  Measure a piece of elastic around your waste where you would like the skirt to sit (Leave 1 inch of length for overlap.)

4. Unbutton bottom half of shirt and lay out flat.

5. Stretch the cut piece of elastic to fit the length of the shirt.

6. While holding elastic completely stretched out pin the shirt to the elastic. Place one straight pin every 3 inches.

7. Sew elastic to shirt (sew top and bottom of elastic).

8. Sew on one button over the elastic on the button side of shirt.

9. Cut a slit in the opposite end of the elastic to fit the button 10 cut off any excess length of elastic.

10. Sport your new skirt on your next outing, and be prepared for showering of compliments!

FashionA Little Black Dress for Every Day is the perfect place to provide our budgeting fashionistas with the materials they need to make the challenge of taking one fabulous piece and styling it into limitless possibilities. All of us here at Lulus have been following The Uniform Project, which takes the concept of transforming the little black dress to a whole new level. 

The creator of this site, Sheena Matheiken, has vowed to wear the same black dress for 365 days to support the cause of education in India. In her blog she explains, “I was raised and schooled in India where uniforms were a mandate in most public schools. Despite the imposed conformity, kids always found a way to bend the rules and flaunt a little personality.”

Not only is this a concept for a cause, but it supports the challenge that many of us are living with in this time of economic turmoil and recession, looking chic everyday of the week while keeping it cheap! Also, this is a great example of breaking out of the business attire and school regulated clothing and getting in touch with our own personal fashion. offers endless possibilities to make this happen! We suggest investing in the BB Dakota Kay dress [sold out!], or for a younger look, the BB Dakota by Jack Nataliaz Dress in Black  [sold out!] for your staple piece. Try mixing in funky leggings, scarves, belts, and headbands to freshen up your look for less! Pieces I am currently loving include the Heartfelt Cardigan in Grey [sold out!], the Smithsonian Necklace [sold out!], the Carefree crop top in taupe [sold out!], and the Peacock Feather Hair Clip [sold out!].