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BeautyVintage Inspired Hair: Rockabilly Updo


So I’m trying out this new little project that includes finding a cool vintage hairstyle, giving it a try on my own locks, and then posting my findings on our blog with a pic. I’ve always loved hairstyles from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, so to be able to actually pull them off with minimal talent in the hair styling area is very exciting.

YouTube was, once again, a great resource for me. There are tons of cute pin-up style tutorials for makeup and hair from individuals who have studied the looks and perfected their own method. I hope you are inspired as I was!

Look 1: Rockabilly Updo.

This is the perfect hairstyle if you haven’t washed your hair in a while, you need a break from heat styling, or you just feel like looking different and a little pin-up. Here I am (just chillin’ in the Lulus breakroom).

What U Need:

Handkerchief: $1.50 (Michael’s Craft Store)

Fine Tooth Comb

Hair spray

A bumpit or cheap extensions bundled in a hair net (anything to boost volume at the crown)

Bobby pins, bobby pins, bobby pins.


Tease a section of hair at the forehead and pin it so that it bumps up.

Gather a separate section from behind both ears and pin up and over your bumpit or hair net

Pin that thing like there’s no tomorrow and make sure the net/bumpit is completely covered

Gather the rest of the hair into a pony or bun.

Smooth any flyaways with hair spray

Roll up a square handkerchief and tie into a bow at the top of the head


Before you get started, I highly recommend watching the tutorial below from retropinup13. This was the awesome tutorial that inspired my look.




FashionDo it Yourself Jewelry!

If you’re in need for a quick and chic accessory fix, I would recommend taking a trip down to the local hardware store. And yes, I did say hardware store!

Today, I caught one of the girls out on her lunch break wearing the cutest chain necklaces. When I asked her where she got them, she said they were from the hardware store!

How cool is that?

The girl literally went and got chains to wrap around her neck and they looked awesome. She started out with two strands of about 4 foot long chain. Then she slung them around her neck and tied them in knots.

In this picture, she is only wearing two, but I think you could mix and match these more rough necklaces with other more refined ones and you’ll get a pretty sweet mix of textures and colors to go with sooooo many outfits! Try it out this weekend when you finally get a break from work!

BeautyHalloween Look 2: Snow White

Okay, ladies, Halloween is drawing near. Do you have your costume planned out yet?

Well, if you’re running low on time and ideas, you have to give this little video a look. One of my new favorite YouTube makeup gurus, Michelle Phan, has put together a gorgeous tutorial on the classic Disney Snow White look.

Even if you already have your costume in mind, this video is still worth a view. I love the way she really embodies Snow White.

Didn’t we all want to be a Disney princess at some point? Maybe this Halloween is your big chance.  :)

FashionThe Kristin Report is In!

Look at all these pics that Kristin sent from L.A. this week!

Check out the cut-out tee on the left, and the boyfriend blazer over a bright floral dress on the right.

Since Kristin is one of our fabulous buyers as well, she has read the trends perfectly and has pre-stocked with all of the right things to get these super awesome looks. For instance, I would check out the Mango Tango Top [sold out!], the Cakewalk Dress [sold out!], and the My Boyfriend’s Back Blazer in Grey [sold out!].

And here we have a fabulous red and black plaid shirt and SUPER distressed pants with sweet button up boots. Once again, if you’re looking for cute new clothes to make these looks work for you, I would check out the Rockaway Plaid Jacket [sold out!] by Lost, Helsinki Cutout Leggings [sold out!]and Miss Me Footwear Monet 12 Button Up OTK Boot [sold out!].

BeautyPumpkin Skincare

During this time of year, we pick pumpkins for decoration, carving, and baking pie … so why not use them in our beauty routine?

Pumpkins are rich in beta-carotene, which gives them their intense orange color. This anti-oxidant powerhouse does wonders for your skin, including protecting your skin against sun damage, evening skin tone, and giving you an overall healthy glow.

Now that the weather is turning, the elements can be even harder on your skin. If you’re feeling a little cracked and dry, treat your skin to a little PLC (Pumpkin, Love and Care).

For the ultimate skin treat, I love to use GreatSkin® Pore Refining Pumpkin Mask. Not only does this mask exfoliate your skin, but as you rub it in, it heats up and relaxes the face. It’s like having an expensive facial right at home. Can’t beat that.

And if I’m feeling a little creative in the kitchen, I’ll whip up the scrub recipe below found on It’s so easy and simple, and hey, we all have these ingredients in our cupboards anyway.

Pumpkin, Sugar, and Spice Scrub

  • 1/2 cup cooked or canned pumpkin, pureed
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  1. Combine ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Stand in a tub or shower stall and use a damp washcloth to scoop some of the mixture up.
  3. Apply to body, starting with your feet and working your way up, but avoiding your face. Scrub gently using circular motions.
  4. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

So head on down to the pumpkin patch — or the canned goods aisle — and get in on the fun. It’s like a pie in the face, only more relaxing.