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BeautyHalloween Idea: Vampy Vampire

With the popularity of books and movies like Twilight, our culture has revived its obsession with vampires, and good lookin’ ones at that! Halloween is just around the corner, and if you need a little inspiration, why not join in and go for a hot vampiress look?

I love this tutorial from Niki at Pixiwoo, and hey, minus the dagger teeth and blood, you could pull it off as a great smokey eye look.

FashionLookbook Loves

Whenever I get a chance to peruse Lookbook, THE most awesome street fashion blog ever, I am inspired and amazed by all the creative looks individuals around the world have posted.

This week, I noticed that quite a few Lookbook members posted outfits incorporating items similar to! I felt I should share some of my favorites, so you Lulus fans can get a little inspired as well. Here are my favorite Lookbook pics for the week!

Look 1: Black Floral Tights

I love the way Robynne Mc. from Vancouver pairs the tights with her floral shorts and lace up shoes. It puts the floral pattern of the tights in the spotlight. Our Posh Lace Leggings in Black [sold out!] will give you a similar effect.

Look 2: Ditsy Florals

These cute floral prints (as seen on our Love Me Do Skirt in Floral [sold out!]) have been so popular lately! Adding a black contrast to this material is really effective. Rachel I. from Detroit pulls it off effortlessly.

Look 3: Slasher Leggings

Wow, we were all crazy about these leggings when they came in. It takes a certain kind of confidence to pull it off, and Carina Elisa Dorothea H. from Germany has got it! I love the way she makes the rest of her outfit really soft and feminine. Give it a go with our new Helsinki Cutout Leggings [sold out!].

FashionThe New Little Black Dress

Oversized is truly overtaking current fashion trends, with stylish oversized tees, sweaters, and now even dresses! It turns out you can still be feminine and sexy without all the form-hugging bodices of your tradional knock ’em dead dresses. With a little accessorizing, imagination and plenty of confidence, these oversized dresses are just as hot.

Here at Lulus, we’re lovin’ the Galactic Tunic Dress in Black [sold out!]. This dress is perfect because it comes in a great basic color without an overwhelming print, providing the perfect canvas for your creativity. Check out how guest stylist KB has brilliantly worked the dress into three wearable and super cute outfits. 

Outfit #1: Elegant Evening

Valiant Val Necklace [sold out!]

Talletale Belt in Black [sold out!]

Big Apple Purse in Black

Classified Python Dark Bronze and Gold Trim Ballet Flat [sold out!]

Outfit #2: Casual Day

Swirling Romance Beret [sold out!]

Melie Bianco Sidekick Saddlebag in Black

Insight Beanpole Splattered Skinny Jean in Smokey Grey

Classified By Name Black Ruffled to the Point Flat [sold out!]


Outfit #3: Classy Kitten

Berenice Beaded Headband [sold out!]

Cat Eyes Mini Skirt

East Village Studded Clutch [sold out!]

Jeffrey Campbell Adelaide Black Suede Platform Wedge [sold out!]

You’re bound to have fun pairing different tights, shoes, belts and jewelry with the dress (we know we did!). C’mon, you know you wanna give it a try!

NewsModel Pick of the Week: Into the Fray Scarf in Black

This week our favorite stylist, Cara, picked her favorite model pic as the Into the Fray Scarf in Black! [sold out!] This scarf is versatile and oh sooooo soft and comfy.

If you decide to buy the scarf — and it is highly recommended that you do — you are sure to achieve fashion bliss! Our model wears it in a very classy way with the Alternative Mr. Rodgers Cardigan [sold out!]. The Crazy Cara Cardigan [sold out!] (named after the stylist herself) is another sweater/scarf combo option.

However, the scarf can be worn in so soooo many different ways. You can stay cool and classy, or go edgy and artsy. Your pick!

BeautyThe Perfect Cat Eyeliner

Watching too many episodes of Mad Men has got me going retro, not only with the growing collection of vintage dresses and skirts in my closet, but with my beauty routine as well. Suddenly, I’m looking into modern-day spins on the beehive (blog post to come), bold red lips, and now, black-lined cat eyes.

The trick to the perfect cat eye is a steady hand, which many, like myself, lack when it comes to precision. So, practice a couple of times and have plenty of Q-tips and makeup remover nearby if you mess up.

Also, invest in a good quality eyeliner. There are many different forms to choose from, including liquid, pen and gel. If you’re first starting out, I’d opt for an easy-to-use pen, such as MAC’s Penultimate Eyeliner. After a couple weeks, you’ll feel more comfortable with gel and liquid and the intense pigment that they offer.

To start off your cat eye, make a flick (however long or short you want) from the outer corner of your eye and angling up. With your pen or brush, start from the inner most corner of your eye and carefully draw out and up to that flick, making the line thicker as you go.

For a visual demonstration, click the tutorial below brought to you by the lovely Sarah Victor for expert guidance (and subscribe to her channel already!)

With a few tries, you’ll be the cat’s MEOW!