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NewsModel Pick of the Week: Into the Fray Scarf in Black

This week our favorite stylist, Cara, picked her favorite model pic as the Into the Fray Scarf in Black! [sold out!] This scarf is versatile and oh sooooo soft and comfy.

If you decide to buy the scarf — and it is highly recommended that you do — you are sure to achieve fashion bliss! Our model wears it in a very classy way with the Alternative Mr. Rodgers Cardigan [sold out!]. The Crazy Cara Cardigan [sold out!] (named after the stylist herself) is another sweater/scarf combo option.

However, the scarf can be worn in so soooo many different ways. You can stay cool and classy, or go edgy and artsy. Your pick!

BeautyThe Perfect Cat Eyeliner

Watching too many episodes of Mad Men has got me going retro, not only with the growing collection of vintage dresses and skirts in my closet, but with my beauty routine as well. Suddenly, I’m looking into modern-day spins on the beehive (blog post to come), bold red lips, and now, black-lined cat eyes.

The trick to the perfect cat eye is a steady hand, which many, like myself, lack when it comes to precision. So, practice a couple of times and have plenty of Q-tips and makeup remover nearby if you mess up.

Also, invest in a good quality eyeliner. There are many different forms to choose from, including liquid, pen and gel. If you’re first starting out, I’d opt for an easy-to-use pen, such as MAC’s Penultimate Eyeliner. After a couple weeks, you’ll feel more comfortable with gel and liquid and the intense pigment that they offer.

To start off your cat eye, make a flick (however long or short you want) from the outer corner of your eye and angling up. With your pen or brush, start from the inner most corner of your eye and carefully draw out and up to that flick, making the line thicker as you go.

For a visual demonstration, click the tutorial below brought to you by the lovely Sarah Victor for expert guidance (and subscribe to her channel already!)

With a few tries, you’ll be the cat’s MEOW!

BeautyMakeup Look: Jewels for the Eyes

If you’re looking to play up your eyes for Halloween, a night out, or just for fun, you have got to give the new Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Mascaras a go!

Ok ok, so they’re a little pricey, but for $19.50 apiece, you’ll be getting the best quality colored mascara out there. The intensity of the pigment is amazing, and it wears surprisingly nice and elegant, not cheap. The website gives you instruction on which shade goes best with your specific eye color:

Blue Eyes = Emerald

Brown Eyes = Amber

Green or Hazel Eyes = Amethyst or Garnet

All Eyes = Sapphire

As a blue-eyed gal, I’m looking forward to using the Emerald mascara combined with a subtle chestnut smokey eye, and after watching the tutorial below, I just need to get my hands on the Sapphire. It’s simply gorgeous!

FashionBlack and White for Everyday

Ladies and gents: Black and white is in.

This season, I’m thinking don’t even bother getting a new white button down shirt; just be quiet and sneak into your boyfriend’s closet and snatch up one of his! Make it easy on yourself, and pair any loose-fitting and totally comfortable white blousy top with a pair of semi fitted kind of baggy, black leather, faux leather, satin, or cotton shorts and you are ready to fly down the runway (or right into work)! 

Make life and instant style even easier for yourself and check out our Winner’s Circle Romper [sold out!] by Collective Concepts. This baby is a shirt and shorts all in one so you’ll be ready on the fly!

BeautyHow to Hair: Blowdrying…

For a long time, the perfect blow out was something that only my hair dresser could achieve. I loved the way it straightened out the kinks in my hair yet didn’t make it stick-straight; it had plenty of body and bounce.

Yet, I could never acheive the look at home. No matter how hard I tried, my hair came out a frizzy, poofy mess.

It wasn’t until I did some research on YouTube (where else?) that I found the perfect tutorial. Not only has YouTube guru Sarah Victor mastered the art of makeup, but she knows a few things about hair as well.

Her secret? A good quality hair serum, uplifting foam, a large round brush, and a state of the art blowdryer. Check out this vid to create the perfect do for your weekend.