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BeautyMakeup Look: Jewels for the Eyes

If you’re looking to play up your eyes for Halloween, a night out, or just for fun, you have got to give the new Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Mascaras a go!

Ok ok, so they’re a little pricey, but for $19.50 apiece, you’ll be getting the best quality colored mascara out there. The intensity of the pigment is amazing, and it wears surprisingly nice and elegant, not cheap. The website gives you instruction on which shade goes best with your specific eye color:

Blue Eyes = Emerald

Brown Eyes = Amber

Green or Hazel Eyes = Amethyst or Garnet

All Eyes = Sapphire

As a blue-eyed gal, I’m looking forward to using the Emerald mascara combined with a subtle chestnut smokey eye, and after watching the tutorial below, I just need to get my hands on the Sapphire. It’s simply gorgeous!

FashionBlack and White for Everyday

Ladies and gents: Black and white is in.

This season, I’m thinking don’t even bother getting a new white button down shirt; just be quiet and sneak into your boyfriend’s closet and snatch up one of his! Make it easy on yourself, and pair any loose-fitting and totally comfortable white blousy top with a pair of semi fitted kind of baggy, black leather, faux leather, satin, or cotton shorts and you are ready to fly down the runway (or right into work)! 

Make life and instant style even easier for yourself and check out our Winner’s Circle Romper [sold out!] by Collective Concepts. This baby is a shirt and shorts all in one so you’ll be ready on the fly!

BeautyHow to Hair: Blowdrying…

For a long time, the perfect blow out was something that only my hair dresser could achieve. I loved the way it straightened out the kinks in my hair yet didn’t make it stick-straight; it had plenty of body and bounce.

Yet, I could never acheive the look at home. No matter how hard I tried, my hair came out a frizzy, poofy mess.

It wasn’t until I did some research on YouTube (where else?) that I found the perfect tutorial. Not only has YouTube guru Sarah Victor mastered the art of makeup, but she knows a few things about hair as well.

Her secret? A good quality hair serum, uplifting foam, a large round brush, and a state of the art blowdryer. Check out this vid to create the perfect do for your weekend.



FashionShe’s Got the Look…For Less!!

Looking designer chic doesn’t have to break the bank. Here at Lulus, we’re bringing you looks hot off the runway for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Need proof? Check out the comparison below.

The beautifully crafted Mini Paillette Jacket by Lavin (left) could be yours for a pretty penny — $1,595.00! Or, you could opt for our equally chic and adorable Sequin Affair Crop Jacket [sold out!]. This baby gives you two for the price of one, as it can easily change to a silver jacket with the brush of a hand. At the price of just $70, this look is a steal!



FashionLulus Outfit of the Week!!

Here at Lulus, when we don’t know what to wear to work or out on a date, we always ask each other what to do. This morning, though, we didn’t even have to ask, because Brittany walked in looking so cute, we all want to buy the same dress and are feeling confident about looking cute this week!

Now, if any of you are wondering how to look cute at work this week, we wanted to share the “Brittany” outfit solution with you!

For this look:

* Ada Dress in Black [sold out!]

* Nexus Double Wrap Belt in Brown [sold out!]

* Steve Madden Hunny Brown Leather Belted Knee High Boot [sold out!]

P.S. & FYI-  Brittany always looks this cute! So we are bound to have more outfit ideas in Lulus clothes by Brittany!