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FashionCute with CARA!

I caught Cara (our stylist) looking oh so cute last week. Cara was wearing the floral + stripes combo that is on the rise this season!

Below you find the Valerie Floral Tank by Alternative Apparel with our new Zooey Bow Earrings by Claire Fong, Divine Rights of Denim jeans, and boots topped off with the Somber Brown Fedora by Brixton, all from

FashionModel Profile: Kyndrah!!

This week I am introducing our model KYNDRAH!

I realized that I should start doing employee profiles since we are all so dang cool. I already did one on Serine when she moved to London, so I thought I’d keep going with the models first.

So here is Kyndrah. She’s one stylish chica and always wears LuLu*s clothes. Even in the cold, this girl has managed to look cute day in and out.

Check her out below, wearing her own jacket, cardigan, and knitted scarf (it had these really cool feathers knitted into it!), sunglasses, and Ugg boots paired with our newest Yoko Striped Tank by Alternative Apparel and the Beaten Path Skinny Machine Jean!

Below are a few fun pictures of Kyndrah in the studio, when I was shooting some of the clothes that I did this year with photographer Daniel De Porres. I love the one of her jumping. She literally walked into the studio and it took us 5 minutes to get these shots!

Here is Kyndrah modeling for me at a small fashion show I threw. She’s so much fun and brings a lot of life to the clothes!

FashionMix&Match with Kristin Knauff!

Kristin Knauff just sent me these cool trend pics… sooo here’s some cute outfit ideas to try out!

Here, above, are some good mix and matching ideas complete with sweeeeeet leggings, belts, and necklaces! These gals are fashion designers themselves and have a totally fun and creative look! Try out our sparkly leggings and Alternative Apparel tops for easy layering!

Next we have the ongoing distressed look! This time, instead of ripping and shredding, this person actually shot through their tee with a bee bee gun! Biker jackets are hanging in strong and paired with plaid or a distressed tee, like above, you can own the “biker chic” look!

Remember to put a statement necklace with everything… these girls are all wearing necklaces, so make sure, sure, sure, you check out our huge selection of necklaces!!

FashionStar Style: Alternative Burnout Tee in White

The verdict is in: Burnout tees are red hot this season Get yours today before they sizzle up!


Burnout tees are so unique in that they have gone through an extensive weathering process, creating a cozy vintage, worn-in feel. Plus, with a semi-sheer, poly-cotton blend, you know you’ll be getting a comfortable fit as well. For the girl who appreciates texture and great style, a burnout tee is the perfect alternative to your average t-shirt.

No wonder stars have hopped on board with the trend. From Lindsay Lohan on a coffee run, to Blake Lively taking a stroll downtown, burnout tees have proven to be a cute and versatile choice for everyday wear!

If you need to get a hand on one of your own, has just what you need! For only $24, you can add the Alternative Burnout Tee in White [sold out!] to your wardrobe. This is the same exact tee by Alternative Apparel that reality star Whitney Port was spotted wearing in an episode of The Hills (pictured below)!