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ArtThe Macabre Artwork of Eveline Tarunadjaja

In honor of the spirited holiday that is upon us, I couldn’t help but bring in the darkly beautiful imagery of Australia-based artist, Eveline Tarunadjaja. With feminine line work that is both intricate and obsessive, Eveline masterfully lays down floating mounds of hair, Rorschach-like patterns, and stunning interpretations of textiles.

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ArtIllustrator: Luci Everett

I’d like to introduce you to the work of Australian illustrator, Luci Everett, a mistress of paper, watercolor and collage! With a curious, Indie sensibility and a soft, feminine hand, her darling little works remind me of long summer vacations spent journaling, drawing and whiling away hours with handicraft.
Below are a few pages from her book, Pillow Fight, which she describes as, “A visual & experimental documentation of the whimsical, illogical, curious and frightening nature of dreams. A tactile book which documents dreams collected from friends and strangers visually translated in surprising ways.”
Attention Readers! Do you draw or illustrate? We would love to see your work and possibly feature it on our blog! Email with images or a link to your work!

FashionRodarte Inspired by Australia

Already looking onto fall and winter 2012, we see the tawny visions of the Mulleavy sisters burgeoning from the outback. Inspired by Australian landscapes, the ferrous earth tones and Aboriginal-inspired handprints are an appropriate tie to the southern continent that is at this very moment basking in the first light of autumn.


ArtLucia Pang: Beautiful Fashion Photography

When I received an email from a young Australian named Lucia Pang, I immediately became so excited to collaborate with her. At only 17, Lucia has a rare talent for fashion photography with so many amazing images to get inspired from! I wanted to introduce you all to her site and let you know that we will be collaborating with Lucia in some exciting projects in the near future! This award winning young photographer will definitely be one to watch and we are so honored to be working with her! Make sure to check out some of her awesome shots below and to check back for updates on our project!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Mandy of Oracle Fox

Blogger Spotlight is back! With a focus on Valentine’s Day, my favorite day of the week was on a brief hiatus. Now we are back with a blogger so talented and stylish that it was beyond worth the wait. Let me introduce you to Mandy Shadforth of the amazing Oracle Fox. This is a daily read for me and my close friends. It is a magical mix of great photography and spot-on styling. Mandy, hailing from Australia, not only makes flawless wardrobe choices but happens to be an amazing artist. Her range scopes from the super-realistic to mixing mythic images with astrological symbols. Her work is beyond captivating, so make sure to check it out here. Lets take a look at her some of my favorite images from her site.

 Above is one of Mandy’s casual sketches that she posted on her blog. Her paintings are far more elaborate and realistic, but I just loved this super sweet hippie-love-child sketch with the beautiful desert background.

Obsessed with these leggings! The metal beading and sheer fishnet is a total homerun and I wish they were mine!

 You all know I am a serious ring freak. Mandy sports some of the best rings in the blogosphere! I am in love with the large chunks of crystal and silver skulls.

 One of Mandy’s specialties is overlaying photographs with images of animals and nature. My favorite is shown above; the horses and her pose are so perfect together.  I am super-obsessed with this blogger and I know you will fall in love once dive into the magical, mythical world of Oracle Fox!