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NewsModel Pick of the Week! BB Dakota by Jack Rich Jacket!!!

This week the model pick of the week was hard to do. However … I just kept coming back to this picture of the BB Dakota by Jack Rich Jacket!

This red and black plaid jacket stands out so well, while it also looks and feels soooo comfortable! With its plush lining, I guess it was a good pick for this week, especially since it has been getting cooler and cooler these days!

FashionFashion Week Update: NYC

Fashion Week has commenced, and the grand scheming and plotting of the last month’s work have come onto the runways for the world to see.

Good news is: this season seems to have a sense of ease to the clothes. Really, at least what I see, is that the models seem to be actually wearing the clothes this season. Instead of the usual model = walking clothes hanger we see or we imagine that the designers are actually considering the woman in the clothes.

In the Zero + Mario Cornejo show we see girls on the runway with their hands in their pockets. I hadn’t noticed pockets before, at least not on the runway. You always see the men walking down the runway using the few usable or notable details about their garments but never do you see women actually acting comfortable. I find these small details reassuring and exciting about where clothes might be going. 

FYI-this show had a ton of black and white that reminded me of the Naomi Top and the BB Dakota Kay Dress in Black [sold out!] that we have here at

NewsA Dress Fit For a Homecoming Queen

So as you guys can probably tell we love, love, love to meet and hear from our customers about their new clothes, what they want to get and what they love!  And today in walked the cutest girl looking for the “perfect” dress for a special occasion.

Now, we don’t get many customers at our warehouse and couldn’t just let her get away without knowing what it was for… so guess what we found out? Her name is Rachel, and she is a cheerleader and running for Homecoming Queen at our local Chico High School!

We had to throw her into our studio and take a picture!

Her dress of choice for the big event ended up being the BB Dakota by Jack Cupcake Dress in Purple [sold out!].

FashionHot Trend: Mad for Plaid

Fall is almost here, and it’s time to transition to tights, boots, cardigans and — of course — cozy flannel plaids. No longer just for lumberjacks, these new plaids are designed for a hip and trendy crowd. Great paired with belts, dressed up or dressed down, a reliable plaid will see you through the end of summer to the chill of winter. 

Here at Lulus, we’ll make sure to keep you pretty in plaid this fall season. Check out the many plaid tops we have to offer, including our personal favorites: The BB Dakota by Jack Hugo Shirt [sold out!], The RVCA Weekender Coat in Plaid, and The BB Dakota by Jack Rosanna Top [sold out!].

FashionA Little Black Dress for Every Day is the perfect place to provide our budgeting fashionistas with the materials they need to make the challenge of taking one fabulous piece and styling it into limitless possibilities. All of us here at Lulus have been following The Uniform Project, which takes the concept of transforming the little black dress to a whole new level. 

The creator of this site, Sheena Matheiken, has vowed to wear the same black dress for 365 days to support the cause of education in India. In her blog she explains, “I was raised and schooled in India where uniforms were a mandate in most public schools. Despite the imposed conformity, kids always found a way to bend the rules and flaunt a little personality.”

Not only is this a concept for a cause, but it supports the challenge that many of us are living with in this time of economic turmoil and recession, looking chic everyday of the week while keeping it cheap! Also, this is a great example of breaking out of the business attire and school regulated clothing and getting in touch with our own personal fashion. offers endless possibilities to make this happen! We suggest investing in the BB Dakota Kay dress [sold out!], or for a younger look, the BB Dakota by Jack Nataliaz Dress in Black  [sold out!] for your staple piece. Try mixing in funky leggings, scarves, belts, and headbands to freshen up your look for less! Pieces I am currently loving include the Heartfelt Cardigan in Grey [sold out!], the Smithsonian Necklace [sold out!], the Carefree crop top in taupe [sold out!], and the Peacock Feather Hair Clip [sold out!].