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FashionLiterary Looks and an Interview with Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of the past centuries” -Descartes

Reading fills us with stories of other lands, characters from our world and others, and memories to hold with us throughout our lives. One of our favorite bloggers, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, is an avid reader who is known to discuss her favorite books on her site. With back to school here, we figured what better way to spend the month of September than seeing some of our favorite books and characters relived through fashion? Starting today and following every Tuesday for the rest of the month, Rebecca will use some adorable Lulus pieces to walk us though four of her favorite literary titles! I am so excited to see how she brings these books to life. Here are a few sneak preview photos of her first look and a quick question and answer sesh to get you acquainted with her. Make sure you head over to her blog to see it all! Happy reading!
Q and A with Rebecca!
Your blog has been a Lulus staff favorite for some time and you always have such great content. Where do you find your inspiration?
All over the place really; old films featuring either Hepburn or my true favorite–Bette Davis, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, runway collections, lookbooks, and other bloggers. I think everything we experience has an influence on us and has the potential to be inspiring; so my physical surroundings also play into my outfits and my blog content.
We chose a literary theme for our collaboration this month since you are an avid reader and mention books often on your blog. What are you currently reading that you haven’t been able to put down?
I’m actually reading a couple of books at the moment. Small Things With Great Love by Margot Starbuck is for a small group I’m in and it’s quite good. Additionally, I’m really captured by TH White’s The Once and Future King, I haven’t read it before and I’m hooked!
 If you could do the wardrobe for one movie based on a book, what would it be and why?
Oh dear, I’m not sure I’d trust myself to do justice a film adaptation of one of my favorite novels–I admire Janie Bryant’s costume design so much and I don’t know that I could acheive that level of perfection. A book I would love to see on the screen is The Small Rain. Although, like many people overly attached to particular books, I’d also be terrified that Hollywood and any director would destroy it…
What are a few of your favorite blogs? For fashion and loads of inspiration: 
CalivintageNiotillfemHannah and Landon, and my friend writes some pretty sweet poetry at The Dust Dances Too.

FashionBlogger Roundup: Summer is in Full Swing

Every month we send tons of cute Lulus pieces out to the most fashionable bloggers to see how they would style them! This month we have some great examples of summer’s hottest trends. Lace, skater skirts, color-blocking, neons, and bold prints take center stage and these bloggers know exactly how to rock them! Take a look below for some end of summer inspiration!
Constance of Constance Victoria in our Mink Pink Valerie Sheer Lace Crop Top. Alyssa of The Ordinary Peoples in our Director’s Cut Black Dress, Be a Lamb Cream Sparkle Sweater and our Big Buddha Wendy Natural Multi Southwest Ankle Boots.
Andrea of Blonde Bedhead in our American Flare-lines Coral Red Dress and Sonja of Asymetria styled our Motel Becka Black and White Tropical Print Skirt.
California favorite, Erin from Calivintage rocking some sweet Lulus pieces. On the left, our Dots Amore sweater and on the right our  

FashionTick Tock Vintage x Lulus: Workin’ It!

Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage is a super sweet blogger who has the art of professional dressing down to a science. For the month of August we have partnered up with her to bring you a series of workplace related outfit posts. From interview outfit tips to taking your looks from desk to date, this month will be full of helpful suggestions on how to look your best in workplace clothes!
Check out the preview shot below and head over to her blog for tips on dressing for an interview!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Severine of The Clothed Chameleon

Time for another Blogger Spotlight! I love highlighting my favorite bloggers and showing off their rad style. It is the perfect opportunity to share the best of the best fashion bloggers out there.
I have to admit though, I feel like I am giving away one of my personal secrets right now. As a long time reader of The Clothed Chameleon, I almost didn’t want to share it with anyone because I thought Severine, the girl behind the blog, was that cool. Her style is so perfectly ’90s vintage, dark, and glam. Her blog has been on my personal blog roll forever and I have just been hoarding it all to myself. Sorry guys! What can I say, she is my ultimate favorite when I need fashion inspiration on those drab mornings.
Well, Severine reached out and said hello and asked if we wanted to work with her and I just about fell out of my chair. Of course I said yes and then promptly decided that it was a sign that Lulus readers must be exposed, if not already, to her amazing style! 
Are you ready?

Pattern mixing and long dark locks. Are you kidding? Amazing.

Perfect neutrals and bold dark lips.

Floral crowns and flowing sheer fabric, so dreamy.
Looking amazing in our Didn’t Start the Fire black dress and Rock Candy Sunglasses. I love the pastels mixed with the darks of her dress and shoes.
I want this entire outfit. Thank you!
Again, I love the pattern mixing and her perfect peachy makeup.
Hitting a jacket home run. This is an ideal winter ensemble.
Make sure to stop over at Severine’s blog and say hello. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Glad I got that off my chest! Shh, it will be our little secret!

FashionBlogger Roundup: Lady-like Lace, Pops of Color, and Dashing Details

Lulus loves bloggers and here is another edition of our Blogger Roundup where we showcase our favorite bloggers wearing some of Lulus best pieces! From brights to lace, prints and more!

 Bright Colors, Bright Summer
Pretty Pretty Prints

 Dashing Details
Amanda from One of Each Blog picks a dress with a perfect lace detail in our Middle Women Lace Black Dress. Toshiko from It’s Not Her It’s Me showing off the perfect collar in our Your True Collars Shine Beaded Cream Top 

Flounce it Up

Jas from All That Jas rocking the flouncy skirt shape that we can’t get enough of. Perfect black and white stripes in our Good and Pleat-y Black and White Skirt.
Lavish Lace 

 Stacey of Devore Le Beaumonstre wearing our Cherry Harvest Red Lace Dress. Love the bright hue and delicate lace.