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FashionTrend: Tip of the Fur Cap to You!

Keep your head toasty with a trendy fur hat that’s sure to make a statement. In case you’re wondering how to style this fuzzy critter, take a couple notes from these fabulous bloggers. Cosette (above) and Antonia (below) know how to make a chilly weather ensemble look dramatic and eye-catching. Last photo is from Irene’s Closet

Get your mitts on a fur cap of your own with the Minx in Moscow Faux Fur Hat!

NewsTac of the Town: Jeffrey Campbell Tick

The long awaited Jeffrey Campbell Tick [sold out!] has finally made its way to! This hot number makes a real head turner with its 5″ platform heel covered completely in silver tacks. And I thought they were just used for corkboards…

If you have any doubts about how to style these chic stompers, take a hint from the creative and oh so fashionable bloggers below. Easily paired with dresses, patterned tights and skirts, you’ll want to tac on a little reminder to take these babies home yourself!

Visit the Jeffrey Campbell blog for more shoe buzz.

A Butterfly by Day effortlessly styles the Ticks for winter and summer wear (pictured above).

Here, Cupcakes and Cashmere demonstrates how the shoe can be fancified with feminine lace or dressed down with a simple plaid tunic. 

ContestsYou Be The Blogger!

Here’s your chance to make your blog shine AND win a $100 or gift card!!! All you have to do is write a post on your blog (must be an actual blog, not on Facebook or MySpace and it MUST BE ABOUT Lulus). Then, encourage participation and comments by your visitors by ending the post with an interesting question to answer in the comments, or ask them to make an outfit from Lulus items, etc. Be creative to get people talking! Post a link to your blog post about Lulus below to enter. We will check the # of comments on Feb 25th, 2010 at midnight. The post with the most comments wins $100 and a random commenter on one of the entrants blogs wins $50!!! Hint: Leave a link to your blog post on our Facebook page too and send it out on Twitter to get more people commenting!

Prizes: $100 grand prize for the blog post with the most comments!

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Deadline: Feb. 25th, 2010 at Midnight PST

1 entry per person/blogger, and 1 comment per blog commenter will be counted.



First of all, she’s 13.

Second of all, she’s adorable.

Third of all, she is one of the best blogger pop culture haute couture vintage fashion experts within the universe of online blogging.

Fourth, she is ssssSO cool LOVE Magazine is sending out fake online editions with her on the cover!

Fifth, she realized the potential of an online interactive audience of millions to reach out to for the Save Darfur campaign. And did it.

Sixth, she has her own t-shirts and hand knit things for sale.

Seventh, she takes her own photographs and edits them all by herself!

Eighth, she layers her vintage finds in a way that age or sophistication couldn’t match, fake, or even try to emulate.

Ninth, she is witty and sarcastic enough to make you read a 13-year-old.

And last but certainly not least:

TEN, her name is TAVI.

NewsLulus Blog!

Hi Lulus fans!

Welcome to our new website blog, Lulus à la Mode! Those of us who work behind the scenes here at not only love bringing you the latest and cutest fashions, but now we are super excited to share our fun and informative blog posts with you. Anything goes here on our blog where we’ll be discussing fashion, beauty, art, pop culture, food, music, events…the list goes on!! We are a diverse team with different interests and styles, but we all have one thing in common: a love for Lulus and for keeping life cute! Go ahead and read on; we’d love to hear your suggestions for future blogs!


Lulus Fashion Team