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FashionParis Fashion Week Spring 2011 Couture: The Future In Fashion at Armani Privé!

The future has now arrived and Tron: Legacy seems to have launched fashion into a video game where clothing looks more and more surreal. The Armani Privé spring 2011 couture show seems to be embracing a new sentiment, that we have to embrace ourselves for space travel in the near future.

It seems as though the metallic threads woven into these organza garments bent light at super speeds as the models floated down the runway. 

Don’t these hats remind you of the discs that the programs of Tron:Legacy use to defend themselves? Odd reference for a couture show, I know, but I couldn’t help notice that they have a strikingly similar appearance!

Luckily there was a bit of color (teal, red, and fuchsia) thrown into the mix of gun metal silvers. 

At least, as the years go by, we know that we’re already equipped with some pretty sweet futuristic clothes. And, as technology advances we’ll be able to create high heeled functioning moon boots and anti-gravity defiant gowns by the time we’re forced to use them!

Are you ready to move to the moon? 

FashionFashion Week: Chanel’s Controlled Nature for Spring 2011!

Remember Chanel’s trip to the arctic last season? 

This season, Karl Lagerfield didn’t unleash the wild onto his audience, but brought us tip-toeing carefully around the sculpted and controlled shapes of an urbanscape. In lieu of Le Nôtre’s gardens throughout the luscious palace of Versailles, this faux-garden (constructed for the show), called out to the manicured tendencies of chic high society and high fashion. 

Now, don’t think that the “manicured tendencies” means a dusty, tweed inspired re-cap of Chanel’s archives. Instead Lagerfield brought us into a realm of textiles that was new and exciting. Mixing in layers of chain necklaces, long skirts, wide lapels, and cutout fabrics that resembled organic materials themselves this collection will stand high in the lineup of Paris fashion week. 

Roped, draped, and layered necklaces.

Above are two more simple but more wear-able looks that are so powerful they might stop anyone dead in their tracks. 

 The detail in these chain mail gloves, the wrap chain bracelet, or the leather cutout fingerless gloves are to die for!

And SHOES, SHOES, SHOES.. can’t wait till these shoes come full circle to mainstream fashion!

GeneralWhat’s Your Signature Scent?

Perfume is a funny thing. While it’s extremely personal (umm…it’s what you smell like), it’s also very public (everyone else can smell it too).
Choosing a scent to make your own is almost like a journey of self discovery. Am I a sugary vanilla sweetie or a sultry smoky vixen? Do I bathe in the stuff or just put a tiny dollop behind each ear?
I love perfume, considering it doesn’t reek or burn my nostrils. When tastefully applied, it can make you feel more glamorous, put togther and even make memories. Certain perfumes will always remind me of a specific time in my life. Getting ready to go to the 8th grade dance, my college dorm experience, that summer vacation by the beach…a scent can bring you back in an instant.

So here’s a couple of the Lulu*s staff favorites, and I must say, we smell pretty darn good.


 The Glamorous
 The timeless Coco Chanel is a staple of the ever posh Heather (photo assistant), while the ruby red Absolutely Irresistible by Givenchy is a favorite often worn by yours truly. I love to get the roll-on tube because it’s more affordable, and you can just keep it in your purse. :)

The Exotic


 A great collection of scents by Tokyo Milk keeps Lulu*s model, Laura, smelling lovely during photo shoots. Kellen (Web Operations Manager) loves her Sensi perfume from Giorgio Armani. A sensual scent with exotic floral tones, this would be perfect for an evening out.
 The Fresh and Floral

I’ve only heard great things about the popular Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, a scent Renee (returns Dept) adores. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is described as being cheerful, crisp and summery, which is perfect for Shandi (customer service) on her typical Mon-Fri work week.
The Sporty


Jonathan (inventory) keeps on his feet with Allure Homme Sport by Chanel, while Brittani (sample girl) loves her Abercrombie & Fitch 8 and even steals some of her boyfriend’s Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce from time to time.
The Naturalist


For those who prefer an earthier, natural scent, take a hint from Matt (inventory) and use a little Patchouli essence. I also love how both Sienna (copy writer) and Marty (photographer) use a little citrus peel zest to keep things light and fresh.
So what’s your signature scent? What do you think it says about you?


FashionStars are out for Paris Fashion Week

Celebs are out and about for Fashion Week in Paris!  These are a couple of my favorite looks from this week!

Jessica Alba looked beautiful at the Christain Dior show.  Her Dior dress was a light, floral that left her looking fresh and glowing. She kept her look clean with minimal hoop earrings, a braided beige belt, and white, peep toe heels.

Now for something completely different….

Taking a break from shooting “Gossip Girl”, Leighton Meester showed up to the Chanel show with this striking look. The classic Chanel silhouette was given an extreme makeover comprised of leather trimmed with gold fabric and black beads (not exactly practical during a heat wave). The look is topped off with bulky, black bracelets matching the tasseled statement necklace and open toe ankle boots from Christian Louboutin. It can’t be denied that she looks amazing!


Have you been keeping up fashion week?  What have been your favorite looks? 

FashionOoh la lovin’ these Parisian Bloggers!

The Cherry Blossom Girl
Alix (above) created her gorgeous blog in 2007. Spending part of her time in Paris and part in Versailles, this talented designer has a wealth of gorgeous and inspiring photos, detailing her love of fashion, travel, beauty and Chanel! The shots above were taken at a 50′s-style diner in Paris. Gotta love the burst of color, her red heels and that yummy sundae!! Check out The Cherry Blossom Girl for more fantastic and captivating posts!
Alma Luna
I couldn’t stop scrolling through post after post of Alma’s amazing blog. A vibrant student in Paris, her posts detail a life of adventure and fun with fashion. Her outfits were seriously so inspiring, I’m now filled with ideas of how to revamp my wardrobe. The photo above was taken on the streets of Paris, and honestly couldn’t look more chic.
Le Blog de Big Beauty
Stylin’ Stephanie of Le Blog de Big Beauty is a gem of a find. Actress, model and fashionista, Stephanie is redefining what is means to be a larger woman in French culture. She even offers courses for women on how to dress to flatter their curves. I love how she plays with color in her outfits, and I’d kill for her amazing shoe collection! Click on this link to see a video clip of Stephanie at work.