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MusicPaper Magazine’s Award of a Nightlife!


First of all I recommend that you download for FREE or simply play this mixtape done by DJ Mia Moretti!

Second of all, ladies and gents (the few who might possibly be following the Lulus blog!), go vote for Mia on Paper Mag’s 5th Annual Nightlife Awards! Our fabulous international DJ and fashion diva Mia Moretti (to whom you are currently listening) has been nominated for Best DJ!

Along with Best DJ, you can vote for America’s Best Party, Best Bar/Lounge, Best Club, Best Nightlife Site/Blog and Best Party.

Mia’s favorites:

America’s Best Party: Mr. Black at Bardot, Los Angeles, CA

Bar/Lounge: The Eldridge

Best Club: Le Poisson Rouge

Best Nightlife Site/Blog:, and are my 3 favorite photographers … You’ll have to check them all out yourself! :)

Best Party: Saturdays at Tribeca Grand

ContestsWin a pair of Restricted Boots!

Here’s how to enter:
Leave a comment below with the perfect outfit for the adorable Restricted boots above using items! We will accept entries until Wednesday at midnight PST. The winner will be announced on Thursday. Good luck! 

*** Thank you to Restricted Footwear for providing product ***

ContestsAnd the winner is….

Again, thanks to everyone who entered! We are so glad to have fans like you!!!!

ContestsVideos about how to enter the BIG contest

We made some videos to show you how to enter the contest to win $1,500!


About the contest:

Read about extra entries here


How to enter on Twitter:


How to enter on Facebook:


ContestsLulus is a Treat! Win a $1,500 shopping spree!

This is the BIG ONE guys!

* This Thursday Oct. 29th 9am PST/Noon EST
* Each hour from 9 am PST to 2 pm PST, go to 
* Look for a model in costume holding a type of candy.
* Identify the type of candy the model is holding.

How to Enter on Twitter
* Go to Twitter and send out a tweet saying 
   “Lulus is as sweet as [type of candy the model is holding that hour]#lulusdotcom”
    example: “Lulus is as sweet as _________ #lulusdotcom”
* For your entry to count, you must write it like the example above, and make sure to add the hashtag (#lulusdotcom) to the end.

How to Enter on Facebook
* Go to Facebook and set your status to the type of candy the model is holding that hour
   example: “ is as sweet as bubble gum”.

* Note that for facebook, it must be written starting with, like the example above,  for your entry to count.
* On the Lulu’s fanpage ( mention your status for the entry to count.

Extra Entires
* Tweet, retweet, and change your status for more entries.
* 2 extra entries for following us on Twitter!
* 2 extra entries for being a fan on Facebook!
* One additional entry for writing on our Facebook wall during the contest!
* Enter as many times as you like!!!!

Winner announced 9am PST/Noon EST  Fri. Oct. 30th