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ContestsName the Dress #240

name the dress

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Collar in the Lines

Winner: Emily P.

ContestsName the Dress #239

name the dress


The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Fleur de Lace

Winner: Carey Dorizzi Wright

FashionModel Pick of the Week: The Holidays and Beyond

Model Picks

It’s always a good day to buy a new dress, but this week we have a special recommendation from our lovely model, Kennedy… and who doesn’t love to hear what a model picks as her favorite?! The Band of Forces Black Dress is obviously cute, but Kennedy loves the box-pleated, full skirt, and the fact that this dress will pass effortlessly from the holidays into spring!



FashionTake a look at Tulle!

When I buy a piece of clothing, I like it to work for me. A well made garment goes a long way. This year Lulus has added more than a few new brands, and Tulle is easily one of my new favorites!
Believe me ladies, I get to handle these fantastic garments, and the craftsmanship is off the hook. I also bought the silk and cotton blend “Well Spotted” dress and I absolutely love it. I like that it’s made from fine natural fibers, and the cut is flattering to the figure. I mean, what else can you really ask for. . .it even has pockets?!
Check out some of these cute looks from Tulle:
We have been getting so many fantastic new pieces by Tulle lately that I felt I should share.
I love the new Girl On the Moon Sweater, and these lacy legwarmers.
Cute autumn dresses.
Gorgeous coats that will get you through more than one winter.

NewsEURO TRIP: Night Life in Hvar, Croatia!

One of my favorite things about going out in new places is dressing up and the nights spent in Hvar, Croatia on my holiday to Europe were just perfect! It was warm enough for dresses but cool enough for jeans and I finally got to wear my Machinery Dress by RVCA

We sported our gladiator sandals with jeans and got to wear our Collective Concepts patterned dresses with brightly painted fingernails and wedged sandals.

Keep in mind that when you’re on vacation you can literally wear whatever you like and you don’t have to see anyone ever again if you don’t want to!!


Chelsea and I went out to a lovely dinner alongside the harbor with our friend Alex (whom we met on the ferry). They enjoyed sea food while I ate some Italian inspired gnocchi (a potato dumpling pasta type thing that is amazing!!). 


 After dinner we went out for drinks at “the” Carpe Diem Bar overlooking the water in the harbor. 

 Here we are sporting and Claire Fong exclusive earrings with our new friends!


On our second night after spending a wonderful day in the sun we went out to a small night club tucked into the hillside of Hvar and just a short (5 min) walk from the harbor where all the restaurants and bars are. 

I wore the Bamboo Sherry 75 Sand Wedge Me in Cuffed Thongs both nights and they were totally easy to walk and dance in.  

And last but not least the song below followed us from dinner to bar to night club throughout Hvar and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys!