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CelebrityYoung Majesty: The Fanning Sisters

Talent, beauty, youth.
In the past decade, sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning have not only emerged, but grown up before our very eyes into the most prolific teenage stars of our day. Both known for their ability to size up a role at an unbelievably young age, these glamorous siblings can never seem to do the cameraman any wrong.
Current projects include a ghostly role for Elle in Francis Ford Coppola’s newest, Twixt, and as Scarlett Johansson’s daughter in Cameron Crowe’s upcoming, We Bought a Zoo. As for Dakota, you can see her on the big screen in her return role as Jane in Breaking Dawn. But surely, we will be seeing MUCH more of them both in the future.

FashionElle Fanning: The Beauty of Youth

As graceful as Grace Kelly at an age where few even know the meaning of the word, Elle Fanning is taking our world by storm. This youngster has been a Hollywood actress since before she can even remember but has remained, at the same time, a kid growing up just like everyone else. 

These photos were taken for Interview magazine and thoroughly embrace her doll like look and playful spirit. I love that they didn’t glam up her makeup too much but stuck with simple mascara and braids. 

In an interview done by Interview for their feature on her, Elle confesses this about her favorite subjects in school: 

“Science. But I love artsy stuff, too. We take art, and I love all that. But I also like science for some reason. I just like finding out why things happen.” 

I can just imagine how easy it’d be to work with someone so at ease with themselves but still so excited about the world. Watch the behind the scenes of the photo shoot for Interview to see just how graceful she really is!

And then here in this wonderful dress Elle sits with a face that every kid has made in their lifetime. I enjoy this editorial because it brings back the beauty and simplicity of youth without exploiting it. 

 Also, one more thing, catch this adorable interview of her about Somewhere her latest movie directed by Soffia Coppola.