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NewsEarrrrrrrings Galore!

My first day at, a few months ago, I kept noticing all the girls wearing these rad gold painted leather feather earrings. Funny thing is, I was too shy to ask them where they got them.

I finally got the answer to my earrings question when I was given a new style leather fringe earring to describe and put up online (the Out of Sight Fringe Earrings). I found out that the wonderful earrings, which remind me of some kind of urban warrior woman, are made by Claire Fong of Chico, California. Chico is where Lulus was born and is still located. How sweet is that?!

Soooo, then the other night, I was hanging out with my cousin, Kyle Delmar, who is also a local photographer, and who showed up but Claire Fong! I got to see her in action and snapped this picture while she was making the most recent shipment of Sequoyah Double Feather Earrings and Tiger Lily Earrings for

I was talking to them for a little bit when I realized that Claire also makes these really cool oversized bows to wear in your hair and bow earrings (which she is wearing in this picture). They reminded me instantly of the trend pictures that Kristin Knauff sent me from L.A. and that I used in a blog last week. My cousin recently shot some of Claire’s accessories and this is my favorite picture of her work yet. Here the model is wearing one of Claire‘s bows and the Out of Sight Fringe Earrings.

How much fun is that?! Accessories to really, actually brighten your day!

NewsA Voice from Abroad: MEGAN JONES

And now presenting MEGAN JONES, our new voice from abroad on all topics concerning fashion, traveling, and living life to the fullest! Megan studies fashion design at Pratt Institute, but is currently on exchange at Nuova Accademica di Belli Arti, in Milan, Italy. Megan admits that she “has become addicted to traveling and loves experiencing new cultures.”

I met Megan during my last year at Pratt. At that time, Megan had already interned for Flip Dress (she is just now a junior!), an evening dress company and Marianne Novobatzky, a courtier in NYC. She had also worked as an assistant to the Fashion Department at Pratt Institute.

At the time, Megan was interested in studying abroad and wanted to hear first-hand accounts of what it was like. I would tell her tales from my Milan experience while I worked on my senior collection in the studio. Soon enough, she had gotten accepted to go abroad and now, well, she already speaks eats and breathes Italian!

We are going to be hearing from Megan as much and as often as she wants to reveal her style, fashion, and traveling finds with us! So stay tuned and keep posted on our blog to see what our new traveling fashionista finds for us!

FashionBehind the SCENE

Last weekend I took off up the West Coast to Portland, Oregon, to do a photo shoot of some new pieces that I have been working on. A few months ago I started working on some jackets, dresses, and jumpsuits to use for a potential fashion show or photo shoot to update my website with.

About the same time I saw that an old friend, Daniel De Porres, was putting up fashion photographs on Facebook (yeah, pretty funny that everything comes back to Facebook lately!). So I got in contact with him about doing a look book/editorial of the clothes that I was working on.

It was pretty awesome from the beginning, as even on the pre-production brainstorming, Daniel and I were on the same page. When I arrived in Portland, we had a meeting with Mark (Daniel’s creative director and right hand man) and Ntense Productions to do a documentary on the photo shoot/weekend.

To top it off, when I met up with the makeup and hair artist, Rocket, she saw right into the clothes and the look that I wanted. The next morning when Victoria, the model from Q6 in Portland, showed up, we all knew that it would be an amazing weekend.

We wanted to portray a very European-looking girl, in European-looking clothes, in an American city. Daniel came up with the idea to spotlight her as if she were in a studio but while she was really outside. This effect made it look as if Victoria had been transported to Portland from some dream or vision!

The clothes are made for the kind of girl that travels from the West to East Coasts as well through Europe. She needs a wardrobe that allows her to fit in and still make a statement across various cultural and urban environments.

Now ladies and (hopefully some) gents, this is just a teaser for when I get the final images to release! Victoria was amazing, and if these are the raw images taken by Ntense Productions and Tom Barrett (backstage photographer), imagine for a second what the final images will look like!

FashionFeatured Designer: John Renaud

Just as I was musing over my lack of fashion bizzzz this week, I received an email from a colleague and friend from Pratt, John Renaud. John studied fashion design with me and was always leaving me with my jaw to the floor, impressed with his designs and artwork.

John was always and still is ready and willing to put himself out on the line of avant garde in terms of fashion. I learned the first year of school with him that for the sake of an amazing collection, John will challenge himself to the point of utter madness. (I might add that this is not meant by any means to be negative, as one of the perks of being an artist is that madness = new ideas and good work!)

While in New York City, John interned for Laura Moore, Christian Joy, Gary Graham, and Daniel Vosovic. John is actually how I got my internship at Christian Joy! He was an intern and then first design assistant, working on both Christian Joy’s line of clothing and her costumes for Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

Yesterday, when John emailed me about the launch of his new website, and of the release of his costumes in a new music video, and concert dates for the Peaches, I couldn’t think of any better a way to get the word out about his work than by posting a blog for all of our followers to read!

John has accomplished so much already that it gives me the chills to think of the future, and I have to remind you that John Renaud graduated from design school in May 2009, only a few months ago.

Although I was there throughout the entire process of John’s thesis collection for our senior fashion show at Pratt, it still blows me away every time I look at it. The pieces from the collection are truly amazing and display both his mastery of tailoring/craftsmanship as well as design and concept development.

I would, that is, if I were you, keep posted on John’s latest accomplishments, because exactly how far this emerging fashion designer will go is yet to be seen.


I kiss you once I’ll kiss you twice
I kiss you once I’ll kiss you twice
I kiss you once I’ll kiss you twice
and I get the shivers cause you’re cold as ice

About a year ago, I was in search of a new fashion internship in New York. I found a position on a team of design student interns under the lead of designer Christian Hultquist, who creates outrageous costumes for Karen O, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and all-around rock star.

Christian is a long-time buddy of Karen’s and is known for creating Karen O’s look. As you see below, Karen O’s style is a mix of everything but the kitchen sink!

As one of the force of interns working to create these costumes, I did everything from hot glue a million studs on a leather jacket to sew a plastic aviator cap. One time we spent the week putting together a cape of cut out and studded hands.

The coolest part about being an intern is that you get to work under a genius that actually has her creations all over the media. You can really see what it’s like to have projects go from the drawing board to national news… and above all the hand cape was on stage at Lollapalooza!

Christian Hultquist used her newfound fame as a stylist and designer to create her own line of clothing, Christian Joy. This line is Karen O inspired but with its own totally Christian twist that is wearable, punky, and spunky.

At first glance, I didn’t consider dressing rock stars as such an intriguing and involved job. However, I have a new found respect for the amount of work Christian has put into this woman’s career and how much trust Karen has in her!