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GeneralSite to See: Draw a Stickman!

If you haven’t already received the link to, then now is your chance to go have about three minutes of good wholesome fun!
Created by, Draw a Stickman is “a creative interactive project that demonstrates how animation can be used strictly [sic] with JavaScript on the web and mobile devices. A year project in development, was built with a sharing and viral strategy in mind”. And viral is right, with well over five million hits, this fun little project has hit it big!
Below is a scene from my own stickman, followed by snippets from the Draw a Stickman Gallery.



Try it out and be creative today!

ArtThe Artwork of Betsy Walton

I’m excited to share yet another favorite artist of mine, Betsy Walton.
The Portland based graphic designer and illustrator first caught my eye a few years back on Etsy, when I saw this print:

Entitled, “Let’s Go in Together” I couldn’t help but feel connected to this isolated couple making a pact to stand by each other’s sides. Preparing to enter the odd and looming shape in the background, the love and tenderness between this cutely suited couple made the perfect V-day gift for my significant other.

Recently I decided to dig a little further into the repertoire of Ms. Walton, and unearthed a wealth of colorful and eclectic illustrations. Originally from Kansas, the mysterious young artist states “My style is informed by a range of influences including Byzantine icon paintings, American folk art, geometric abstraction, and the work of many contemporary illustrators and painters.”

Check out these pics of the artist (she’s the one on the left) in her workspace. I love the cleanliness and organized manner she seems to keep. You can really get a feeling of the scale of her work, too; many of the paintings are quite small. Read the studio visit article by poketo here.

Studio visit photos courtesy of blog.
Aside from her individual paintings and prints, Walton has a thriving career illustrating for various products including shoes, wallets and laptop cases. Below is an example of one of her continuous patterns. This soft and intriguing imagery could end up on a multitude of products.

Do you like this type of art?
Who are some of your favorite artists?