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FashionModel Pick of the Week: Utterly Irresistible Strapless Ivory Dress

Here at we love to let you in behind-the-scenes. This week I decided to talk to our lovely model, Alyssa, to find out her favorite new item. Naturally, Alyssa picked the Utterly Irresistible Strapless Dress. Besides the fact that the lace design is flattering and not over-the-top, Alyssa loves the snug fit and the strapless silhouette. Lookin’ good Alyssa!

FashionFashion Votebook: Brights vs. Neutrals

In the second episode of Fashion Votebook, we’re pairing bright saturated colors against calm neutrals.

YOU decide the winners!
City Girls
Vivienne Westwood Battles Thakoon

Vintage Shirt Dresses
Relaxed Urban Street Style

School Girls
Backstage Versace vs. Backstage Chloe

Head to Toe
So who wins?
Brights or Neutrals?

FashionTrend Alert: Tempting Tail Hems

Feeling a little playful with your hemlines? Tail hems are the best option if you want to experiment with the hemlines of your skirts and dresses. A tail hem is when a dress is actually slightly longer in the back, also known as a high low hem. This length does not have to be drastic; it can actually be very subtle and allow one to wear a short dress or skirt if they are usually self-conscious about revealing too much of their back end.

Etro spring summer 2011  Mary Katrantzou spring summer 2011  Topshop Unique spring summer 2011

This is an awesome way to spice up your spring fashion wardrobe with a new cut. One side of the garment suggests lengthy elegance, while the other allows one to be a little risqué. This makes it utterly impossible to ever get bored with this adorable trend!

Here are some perfect little numbers that will keep you on par with this transpiring trend:

What do you think about tail hems?

FashionValentine’s Day 3 Ways: The Nonconformist

Welcome to the third and final day of our Valentine’s Day 3 ways! We have already talked about The Sweetheart and The Vixen,  two beauties in their own rights. Today we will be examining the Valentine’s Day style of a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum, The Nonconformist. Marked by a style that is all her own, The Nonconformist expresses herself through what she wears and is a trend setter, not a follower. Is everyone wearing pink on Valentine’s Day? Precisely why our innovating friend will wear black with clever accents of pink. This girl is a free thinker and a dreamer with a passion for doing things “her way”. Often the painter, the creative writer, the musician,the  stylist, the traveler or the business owner, these trail blazers set their own pace in both fashion and their careers. These bohemian beauties may have a better half but they are perfectly content spending the evening on their own or with good friends.

 Above we have our own true life, Nonconformist model, Mogen, wearing some perfect examples of  an unorthodox take on Valentine’s Day style (funny enough she actually owns two-thirds of this outfit!). Still managing to be the star of the show with out wearing a girly getup in all pink, she has chosen the Midnight Mystery Black Dress. The daring, lace, high neck adds the perfect touch to a simple black dress. Anchoring the dress without being too delicate are a fierce platform heel, the Miss Me Perch 12 Bow Heels. I love that these have an ankle bootie style and the bow adds the finishing touch. Almost in an attempt at irony, The Nonconformist will reach for a pink or red accessory and the Eliza Doolittle Pink Purse is the perfect pick! If this style is you at all, take a look below for more indiviualistic picks.

I love the versatility in both of these dresses. On the left we have one of Lulus fans all time favorites, the Bat Your Lashes One Shoulder Dress  in black. This cute and short little black dress can be worn so many ways and I love the styling shown here with white thigh highs and long wavy hair! This dress will come in handy so many nights and on Valentine’s Day you won’t look like you tried too hard, which is essential for The Nonconformist! On the right we have one of my favorite new dresses, the Alternative Apparel Eco Black Maxi Dress. Maxi dresses are so hot right now and for good reason. It takes the right person to pull them off and The Nonconformist is the perfect girl for the job. Add a great pair of platforms or combat boots, and your favorite long sweater, and you are set for the night. Keep the maxi bohemian style with lots of jewelry and you will own this look!

The Nonconformist will only pick up a pair of shoes that have something special about them. Case in point, the Jeffrey Campbell Glitter Foxy Platforms. Loaded with enough silver glitter to make your own disco ball these shoes add a new meaning to the term “dancin’ feet”! If you are feeling a more low key vibe reach for a pair of Mixx Cody 02 Black Ankle Booties. The lacy crochet inset adds the perfect touch of girly-girl in an unconventional way!

For that little touch of irony add the Love Sensor Red Heart Purse. The cute faux ostrich and chain strap details give it a classic yet unexpected twist for the holiday. For a little warmth and color add the Spanish Dancer Floral Black Scarf. Throw this on over your dress to keep it casual and not too serious!

I hope you enjoyed our three part series on dressing up this Valentine’s Day! Whether you are The Sweetheart, The Vixen, The Nonconformist or your own breed entirely, make sure to stay cute this year with Lulus. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

FashionValentines Day 3 Ways: The Vixen

Welcome to Day 2 of our Valentine’s Day 3 Ways! So far we have taken a look at what The Sweetheart would wear on her big night out this Valentine’s Day. Today we are talking to all of you sassy ladies out there, the Vixens of the world! I know we have some Lulus vixens, so lets take a look at what options we have for you daring divas!

If you aren’t The Vixen, I am sure you remember one or two of them because this kind of hottie is hard to forget. Confident in everything that she does, The Vixen dresses to impress and to leave a permanent impression on all who meet her. Often the bad girl, the life of the party, the witty jokester, the actress and the siren, these fierce mamas know how to use what they have and make it work for them! Not afraid of bold shades of red, deep blacks, and all that glitters, The Vixen really knows how to shine. Don’t be suprised if this girl has the hottest date in town, although she is equally as likely to be single and loving it, making everyone jealous of her charm and style! One of our beautiful models, Alyssa, who is shown above, is channeling her inner vixen with the We Belong to the Night Dress, the Bamboo Recap Wedges, and the Chain Reaction Evening Clutch. If you are a true Vixen or just want to embody one this Valentine’s Day, here are some awesome Lulus options to make you stand out like the star you are!

Here we have two incredibly sassy dresses that embody two different kind kind of Vixens. On the left we have the Lights Camera Passion Strapless Red Dress. I love the silver and crystal beads embellishing this enchanting dress. This hot number is for your ultimate sultry Vixen; think Kim Kardashian. Definitely a girl unafraid to be bold. The second dress is the BB Dakota Terry Red Dress. With its stunning neckline and classic shape this dress is for your elegant Vixen; think Angelina Jolie. I love the bright reds of each of these dresses!

Here we have some shoes that pack a serious punch! On the left we have the Michael Antonio Studio Tibor Heels. I LOVE the traditional cut out on one side and the extreme covered ankle on the other side of these shoes! Ultimate bad girl style! Need something even more vixen-esque? Try our Michael Antonio Leno White and Gold Platform Heels. These platforms have a gold lined bottom that are sure to draw plenty of attention to you!

Come back this Friday for our final valentines Day look, The Nonconformist!

I know we have some fabulous Lulus Vixens out there! What are you planning on doing this Valentines Day? Even more importantly, what are you wearing?!