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FashionValentines Day 3 Ways: The Vixen

Welcome to Day 2 of our Valentine’s Day 3 Ways! So far we have taken a look at what The Sweetheart would wear on her big night out this Valentine’s Day. Today we are talking to all of you sassy ladies out there, the Vixens of the world! I know we have some Lulus vixens, so lets take a look at what options we have for you daring divas!

If you aren’t The Vixen, I am sure you remember one or two of them because this kind of hottie is hard to forget. Confident in everything that she does, The Vixen dresses to impress and to leave a permanent impression on all who meet her. Often the bad girl, the life of the party, the witty jokester, the actress and the siren, these fierce mamas know how to use what they have and make it work for them! Not afraid of bold shades of red, deep blacks, and all that glitters, The Vixen really knows how to shine. Don’t be suprised if this girl has the hottest date in town, although she is equally as likely to be single and loving it, making everyone jealous of her charm and style! One of our beautiful models, Alyssa, who is shown above, is channeling her inner vixen with the We Belong to the Night Dress, the Bamboo Recap Wedges, and the Chain Reaction Evening Clutch. If you are a true Vixen or just want to embody one this Valentine’s Day, here are some awesome Lulus options to make you stand out like the star you are!

Here we have two incredibly sassy dresses that embody two different kind kind of Vixens. On the left we have the Lights Camera Passion Strapless Red Dress. I love the silver and crystal beads embellishing this enchanting dress. This hot number is for your ultimate sultry Vixen; think Kim Kardashian. Definitely a girl unafraid to be bold. The second dress is the BB Dakota Terry Red Dress. With its stunning neckline and classic shape this dress is for your elegant Vixen; think Angelina Jolie. I love the bright reds of each of these dresses!

Here we have some shoes that pack a serious punch! On the left we have the Michael Antonio Studio Tibor Heels. I LOVE the traditional cut out on one side and the extreme covered ankle on the other side of these shoes! Ultimate bad girl style! Need something even more vixen-esque? Try our Michael Antonio Leno White and Gold Platform Heels. These platforms have a gold lined bottom that are sure to draw plenty of attention to you!

Come back this Friday for our final valentines Day look, The Nonconformist!

I know we have some fabulous Lulus Vixens out there! What are you planning on doing this Valentines Day? Even more importantly, what are you wearing?!

FashionValentines Day 3 Ways: The Sweetheart

Is the concept of Valentine’s Day giving you wardrobe anxiety? Have you already ransacked your closet with the hopes of making an old dress work for your special night? I have just the solution for you my friends! Whether you have a special someone or are hanging out with your favorite friends this V-Day, I have just the thing for you! To make things simple I have broken it down to three styles: The Sweetheart, The Vixen, and The Nonconformist. Which one are you? Or are you like me and a little bit of all three? Let’s take a look at our first beauty, The Sweetheart. If this definitely isn’t you, visit us again on Wednesday and Friday for our other two looks!

We all know the sweetheart. She is a good girl with a good heart and dresses just the part. Often the girl next door, the beauty queen, the animal lover, the future school teacher, the Pep Squad leader, this girl is feminine and happy to be! Pink is a not a problem but other girly colors will do just as well. Smart and beautiful, the sweetheart knows how to be friends with everyone and to have the courage to dream big. Let’s look at some fabulous options if you are indeed The Sweetheart!

Two beautiful options shown here would make any sweetheart proud.  On the left we have the Glance of Flower Strapless Pink Dress. This elegant, light pink dress looks like fresh cut flowers! On the right we have the La Vie en Rose Pink Dress which would be perfect for twirling the night away!

Here we have 2 examples of truly sweet shoes! On the left we have a gorgeous pair called the Qupid Gaze Patent and Chiffon Slingbacks. I am obsessed with the smooth patent and the pretty chiffon on these heels! For something more understated the Go Max Ashland Natural Patent Pumps are perfect to wear not only for Valentine’s Day but with their super neutral color they will work year round.

When it come to accessories make sure to stay just as sweet! Try the Oh la Bow on for size in your choice of silver or gold. To tote all your necessities try the Powder Puff Purse in Black! I love the rosette-style look of this ruffled bag.

Whatever you end up wearing make sure to have fun! Check back in on Wednesday and Friday for more Valentine’s Day ideas!

FashionHoliday Dresses Made Easy: Pick a Color, Any Color!

Wondering what to wear for your upcoming holiday parties? We all want to dress to impress this season, but with so many choices it can be difficult. I always try to stick to a theme, and it is usually a bright color and black mixed together in a festive way. If you need some ideas, check out the dresses below with some holiday pictures for inspiration.

If the bright lights and colorful ornaments appeal to you, try the Bat Your Lashes One Shoulder Coral Pink Dress. The eye-catching pink is festive enough for any party and the dramatic sleeve detail will set you apart from everyone else!

If you are inspired by snowy streets and glittering stars, you may be more inclined to choose an innocent, white dress. This beauty, the Swan Lake White Dress, is the epitome of girlie and pretty sweetness! Layers of white ruffles and the perfect sweet heart neckline make this the ideal holiday party dress.

Holiday Images from We Heart It

Perhaps the warm golden tones make your heart melt. If this is the case get ready to get glittery with the Glinda the Good Witch Gold Dress. This elegant dress has a golden brocade floral dress is cinched at the waist and has beautiful detail around the neck. It will surely keep you glimmering all night long!

Whatever dress you choose make sure to have a festive holiday and make the most of your celebration!

FashionDown By The Bay. . . Food & Fashion!

. . .Where the Watermelons Grow!

When the sun is high in the sky, there is nothing better than a cool and refreshing slice of watermelon. Despite the obvious share-ability of the larger and sweeter cousin to the cucumber, they are one of the most aesthetic fruits out there. Whether you’ve got a leftover hunk of the amino-acid rich fruit in the fridge, or you’re having a summer BBQ and want to try something new check out this easy
Watermelon Granita Recipe:
4 cups seedless watermelon chunks
1/2 cup sugar (optional)
Juice of 1 Lemon

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Puree until smooth. pour into a shallow, wide pan and freeze for 1 hour. Rake mixture with a fork and freeze for another hour. Rake and freeze for one more hour. Rake and serve in cups. (Recipe courtesy of Cathy  Lowe).

And for your fashion appetite, feast your eyes on these Watermelon inspired dresses!!!!



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