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GeneralFacebookers Beware the Robobuddies!

You know those little welcome screens that pop up with flashy news stories and celebrity gossip when you sign in to check your email? Well, this morning I was sucked into one headline in particular, and I’m glad I was. So I clicked on “You’ve Got: Hidden Dangers on Facebook,” and it all became clear. Thanks AOL.
I don’t know if the rest of you had this all figured out, but I have been pretty darn confused by the random friend requests on Facebook from what I’ve been calling “fake people.” And I don’t mean phony human beings; we’re talking about people who I’ve never met, heard of, seen, or known, a friend of a friend’s cousin who knows a guy who went to school with this person. Seriously.
Enter Alison Haislip. You may recognize her from G4 or her gig on the brand new TV show “The Voice.” In the video below, she explains that these “people” (who may have used stolen picures of real people and claim to have gone to your high school and live down your street; they don’t!) are really robots created by hackers, who access your personal information, then sell it to the highest bidder. Scary! 

The moral of the story here is: if you’re pretty sure that you don’t know a person who’s sent you a friend request, you probably don’t! You’re better off denying it and risking the hurt feelings. I’m pretty sure most robots can’t process emotions anyways…
Have you ever been robobuddied?

InterviewsLuLu*s Featured Fan: Cassie!

We absolutely love our Facebook and Twitter fans! Each one of you is important to us and we enjoy chatting on 
Facebook or tweeting with all of you. So, we wanted to feature some of our lovely fans and get to know them a bit better. If you’d like to be a featured fan, just get on our “radar” by being active on our blog and 
Twitter or 
Facebook page. The more you interact/post/tweet/comment, the more likely you could be a LuLu*s Featured Fan!

Today, we are featuring an interview and photos of Cassie in some LuLu*s dresses! She is a 
Facebook fan who enters our contests and chats with us about the latest blog posts.   

Where are you from?

I’m from a small town in Georgia called Ellijay. I currently live in Tampa, Florida.

How did you hear about

I stumbled on Lulu’s about four years ago. I can’t remember how I found it, but I’ve placed around seventy orders since then! I really love to shop, but don’t always enjoy shopping at a mall. I like having the freedom to shop in my pajamas.

What are your favorite activities?

I love to travel. I enjoy seeing other cultures and learning what I can from them. My husband and I are backpacking across Peru this summer. We are also saving for a trip next year to Thailand. I love the water. On most weekends, you can find me at the beach or by my pool. In the past year, I married my best friend. I enjoy every minute I spend with him. We recently bought our first home and I’m having fun decorating. I’m also a big foodie. I love trying new foods. I like to paint; I find it very therapeutic. I have several of these pictures hanging in my home. Reading a good book is also a favorite activity mine. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine. Like most girls, I also love to shop, get sun, and spend time with friends and family.

What does your closet look like?

I’m pretty proud of my closet. I lucked out and got one that runs the entire length of my bedroom and has a ceiling fan. I need every square inch of it. I had to eventually move my husband’s things into the guest bedroom closet. Some girls love shoes and some love purses. My favorite part of my wardrobe are my dresses. I have around 200. I almost look at them like art pieces. Yes, I know it’s a bit excessive but as Carrie Bradshaw says, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

What would you want to see more of in our blog?

On Lulu’s blog, I would like to see more tips and tricks about makeup. I can put an outfit together, but I’m clueless in the makeup department. I usually have the same routine and I want to learn how to mix it up.

What are your favorite Lulu*s products?

Like I mentioned before, dresses are my thing. I also love the shoes, especially the flats and wedges. I’m a little clumsy so I try to avoid anything too tall.

What would you like to see more of on

I love all of the products that Lulu’s offers. The prices are unbelievably affordable. I would like to see a review section. I have bought several things that I love so much, and I want to tell other girls, “You definitely have to get this!”

What is the most inspiring quote or motto you’ve heard?

I like this quote by Lance Armstrong. “Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action, and purpose.”

We enjoyed our interview with Cassie! We can’t wait to see YOU as our next featured fan! So, be sure to say hello to us on 
Facebook and Twitter.

GeneralFriday Funday: The Social Network

Every friday, the Facebook page is filled with hilarious pictures and funny videos from our amazing fans.

I love scrolling through and seeing what each of you has posted on our page, whether it be personal pictures or funny findings from the internet. In lieu of the much anticipated (at least for me!) Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network, which premieres today, I thought I’d bring Friday Funday over to the blog!

My first Funday contribution is a video clip I’m sure most of you are bound to enjoy! Justin Timberlake, one of the stars of The Social Network, stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and gave one of the coolest performances I’ve seen on late night in awhile. 

My next contribution is a picture, which has nothing much to do with The Social Network, other than it’s on my facebook.

Being the stylist, I’m constantly alongside the models adjusting things, and I’m often being my goofy self. One of Marty Crosley’s, our lovely photographer, favorite things to do is to snap a quick pic of awkward or funny situations before we catch on. Here is me and model Mogen in one of the Marty’s snapshots.

I hope you enjoyed my spin on Friday Funday, and feel free to let me know what you think about my submissions!

I’ll leave you with the trailer for The Social Network, which I am seeing tonight.

Are you ladies going to see it too or do you have other plans?

ContestsProm Facebook contest!

You AND a friend could win the dress of your choice for Prom! Be sure to follow all the instructions to be entered to win. We have some gorgeous dresses that could be yours! And we may give some suprise prizes as well!

How to enter:

Note: You must be one of our Facebook fans to enter.

Step 1: Download the image below to your computer by clicking here. (Or you can right click on the pic and save it.)

Step 2: Upload the image to your Facebook profile and tag your friends on the dress that is your fav for them to wear to prom. If you win, one of the friends tagged will win also.

Step 3: VERY IMPORTANT (This is how we count your entry, or we won’t be able to see that you entered.) Go to our fanpage and tell us that you did the above to be entered.

And you’re done!

Deadline: Extended to-
Thursday April 22th, 2010 at 11:59 PM.

1 entry PER DAY, per person allowed.

Best of luck! We can’t wait to give 2 friends their dream prom dresses!

ContestsLulu*s Valentine Day Contest

Lulu*s Valentine’s Day Contest!

Win the Vogue Dress for Valentine’s Day!

To enter, first go to  Write a cute phrase on a yummy heart, save the image, post it on our Facebook page . Then, write the picture caption as what dress from our site would match the phrase or design of your candy heart!

You can enter every day until the deadline! (1 entry per person per day). 1 winner will be chosen EVERY day from February 1st to 5th from that day’s entries. (And from entries before Feb 1st, we will have 1 dress winner that will also get a $25 gift card)

Contest ends Friday Feb 5th.

Good luck!