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FashionNYC Fashion Week Update: The World in Color at Philosophy di Alberta Feretti!

If you’re looking for some color on the horizon, a hint that not all of fashion has gone over to the dark side, then the Philosophy di Alberta Feretti Fall 2011 show is right up your alley.


This show not only exhibited vibrant shades of every pastel, but also the more saturated and vibrant colors, such as fuschia, that are so strong right now. Also an excellent example of merchandising, in this presentation Ferretti gave the women watching no option but to buy each outfit in its entirety. Each model walked out in a coat that they then took off to reveal their calculated (to perfection) outfit underneath. 


To call this a retro-revival would be an understatment. These girls looked, from their makeup to shoes, straight from the 60’s and early 70’s. 

And I will take the liberty to say I am loving these coats and the delicate knit pieces underneath them.


Oh, and I could/should write an ode to fuzzy fashion this season begining with these colorful and fantastically fuzzy jackets. 

Last but not least is my favorite piece from the show, a soft but structed knit dress (below). 

What will you be wearing next fall? 

FashionFashion Week: Alexander McQueen’s Legacy Lives On!!

Since McQueen’s death I was apprehensive about what was to come.

However, for the Spring 2011, collection Sarah Burton (his successor) has taken the house on a journey through feminism that was astoundingly beautiful and left me just as breathless as McQueen’s previous collections. 

The craftsmanship was not left by the wayside but perhaps enhanced.

A dress covered in butterflies and the shoes made out of leaf shaped pieces as if the models were actually walking through a leafy wonderland with butterflies landing on their toes!!

 Are you as breathless as I was when I first scrolled through these pieces? 

FashionFashion Week: Balmain Brings Americana Punks to the Forefront of Fashion!

The distressed t-shirt and the American dream have picked up momentum at Balmain for Spring 2011.

After seeing Balenciaga’s structured and crisp futuristic separates this season, I thought we were officially done with the distressed t-shirt and grunge glam that had grasped us all for so long now.

However, presented printed and worn, reversed and flipped, the American flag used throughout the collection was a genius reference to Jasper Johns’ painting Flag from 1954-55 (above image). And I will say, after spurring the military-metallic-chain mail inspired trend that took off around the world, Christophe Decarnin for Balmain is someone to keep an eye on.

Let’s call this homage to plaid, motorcycle jackets, lace up boots, and the red, white, and blue lumberjack chic.

 Whether it is studded, metallic, painted, or kept to a crisp clean this collection is refreshingly, actually, ready-to-wear. 

FashionFashion Week: The Madness of Marchesa!

 “There were times today at Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s Marchesa presentation when you couldn’t breathe……it was the dresses—literally breathtaking”-Meenal Mistry for

For the past few years Marchesa has been gradually and elegantly gaining fame in the world of fashion. However beautiful and loved they have been every other season, they have finally done “THAT” collection. It is “THAT” collection that sets a brand apart from the rest, and in this case, literally off the charts in terms of evening wear for the rich and famous. 


I remember the reason why I do fashion every time I look at a collection that makes my jaw drop. The late Alexander McQueen was the ONE designer who was the culprit for my gaping mouth drooling at my computer screen for the past few years. More recently a compelation of designers clutter up my fashion icon folder on my desktop as well as keep my gaping mouth floored with the excecution of their designs.

Marchesa is one of those select icons, I think you’ll agree:

Jumpsuits in lace, and fit for a queen? Wonderfull, ethereal, and powerfull.

It intrigues me that when one of my idols leaves this world, another, in this case Marchesa, has stepped in to take up the role of fashion icon and set fashion once again on an upward spiral.

 Who are your fashion idols?

FashionI Wanna Be A Chanel SNOW BUNNY!

As the scrims rolled up and revealed the Chanel girls on an iceberg in the center of the Grand Palais in Paris I can only imagine the sound of gasps echoing throughout the building. In a dream, Karl Lagerfeld envisioned his Fall 2010 collection shown on models walking through melting ice caps and, as if in a dream, the spectators in Paris watched as ice caps melted around a brilliant collection of clothes.

Karl Lagerfeld has put his Chanel snow bunnies smack dab in the middle of of the global warming conversation. Literally, as the models were walking through the ice caps they were melting and water was collecting on the cat walk. As they walked through the water getting their faux fur boots (yes I did say faux) wetter and wetter.

This is a very blatant reminder that yes things are heating up and melting away. In the meantime dressing for warmth couldn’t get more fun than these chunky layered furlicious outfits. As for innovation, Lagerfeld took knitwear to a new level, especially in the last white tulle chiffon knit gowns.