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FashionFashion Factory: Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf have finally picked up where their Russian Matryoshka Doll inspired collection left off years ago. In that collection a model came out in an outfit that like a Russian doll that got smaller and smaller. This time an older model and a fashion legend, Kristen McMenamy, came out as if in a fashion show factory and was un-wrapped or un-dressed in order to dress the models coming out onto the catwalk.

The clothes were mostly spectacle and the show was all about Viktor & Rolf as they took visual precedence, over even the models. However, it was still a great show and reflected the importance of the assembly line and versatility in the production of modern fashion.

Photos were shot by Stephan Moskovic

FashionMilan Fashion Week WRAP UP!

Milan fashion week has ended and we should take a minute (Paris fashion week has already started rolling) to remember some of the “moments” from the shows.

*Prada’s “plus-size” models and curvaceously tailored dresses

*Dolce & Gabbana’s re-cap of their history ending in an army of girls with no pants on

*Dsquared² laboratory Frankenstein power dressing

Here is’s recap of the week of fabulous fashion told by fashionista’s themselves!

FashionMade In Italy: MISSONI

“Color is a way of expressing light, not so much as a physical phenomenon but as that light which exists in the mind of the artist.”
-Henri Matisse

Kate Moss in Missoni topColor, and the exploration of it in all of its abstract forms, is the bread and butter of the famous Missoni Family of Italy. The Missoni fashion house and its colorful history were founded in the province of Varese, Italy, where a factory was founded around scarves and embroidered fabrics.

After the first runway show in 1958, the decorative patterns — including multiple colors, stripes, abstracts, shapes, and florals — became the staple of the Missoni House. The utilization of various textiles, such as silk, rayon, linen, cotton, and wool, is another signature Missoni attribute.

 For Fall 2010 Fashion Week in Milan, Missoni showed a variety of crop tops, knit wrap skirts, and blanket-like coats that had pin closures. What was really interesting about Missoni’s collection was that the pieces were totally versatile. The pieces could be worn reversed, with the back changed to the front, as well as being able to be pulled up or down in any direction.

My favorites from this collection were the the big wool jackets and wraps accessorized with sun glasses. The wraps were draped to hang and frame the beautiful faces of the models in just the right way.



Flash mob protests Anna Wintour in Italy

Hot new news has just arrived from the forefront of Milan’s Fashion Week! The breaking news: Anna Wintour decided to stay only three/four of the five days of Milan’s fashion week.

What does that have to do with anything?

Anna Wintour in a fur coat and trademark sunglassesWell, first of all, after the launching of The September Issue (the documentary about Anna Wintour) following the popular The Devil Wears Prada (also based on Anna Wintour), Anna Wintour has become synonymous with VOGUE instead of being the editor of Vogue. The blessings of Miss Wintour seem to change the outcome of one’s success within the fashion industry instantly, and as Rodarte has seen, this blessing can be the basis of a fashion career itself.

This being said, it is VERY important that Anna Wintour herself is at the fashion shows of fashion week, which has become in many ways, Wintour’s week!

This year five days worth of shows in Milan have now been moved into three/four days. That is 88 shows crammed into no time at all! The consequences of this is that models, stylists, designers, and photographers will be hard pressed to make even half of the shows (which will be running just minutes after each other).

What was Milan’s response to this dictator-like approach to influencing fashion week? Thanks to Attila Bene Ortz, a flash mob of Anna Wintour look-a-likes was organized to stand in front of the shows!

Anna Wintour… I will only stay 3 days in Milan catwalks

Although many of the reviews state that this flash mob was done in vain, it was reported on almost every single major fashion blog and site around the world! So, girls, was it done in vain? Doesn’t look like it to me! I’m glad to see that fashionistas aren’t willing to settle, even if they are “told” it is necessary.


FashionLondon Fashion Week: Matthew Williamson

A hop, skip and a jump away from Bryant Park in New York City, is London Fashion Week! Matthew Williamson is most notably known for his use of vibrant colors as well as his dresses. The first bright blue dress below is a piece from Matthew Williamson’s 2010 Fall RTW Collection. The second blue dress is similar looking in style and is from our very own

Ruffles seemed to be on every runway show in London  and were an integral part in Matthew Williamson’s collection. Williamson’s applied ruffles to shirts, dresses and jackets and the pieces below were my favorite from his collection. 


Ruffled Sleeveless Top                        Long Sleeve dress with crossed ruffles


Coat with fur and ruffle flaps               Orange ruffled coat

Check out the clip below to watch the full runway show from Matthew Williamson’s  Fall 2010 RTW Collection