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FashionFashion Week Party with Paper Magazine!

I have been trying my best to keep the blog readers up to date with Fashion Week as it is happening around the world!

This week, we received pictures from our buyer, Kristin, when she went to Paper Magazine’s 25th anniversary Fashion Week party in New York City. The event had famous designers as well as celebrities like Liza Minelli, Mischa Barton, Kid Cudi, the now infamously rude Kanye West, and Queen Latifah.

Kristin’s boyfriend Jiro Schnieder has done some awesome photography for Paper and took the photos below when they were at the party!

Anna Sui & Queen Latifah

Kanye West & Mischa Barton

Betsey Johnson & Isaac Mizrahi

FashionFashion Week Update: LONDON 2

Following a recent trip to the newly remodeled MODERN wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, I found the Josh Goot Spring 2010 line that showed in London surprisingly reminiscent of the Roy Lichtenstein paintings I was just admiring!


These dresses are color blocked in a cartoonish comic book way and employ the black dotted shading of comic illustrations. When blown up to the proportion of a Lichtenstein (which is huge) the pixels of comics become a graphic element of their own.

These pixels, dots, or whatever you would like to call them are used by Goot this season in order to create Lichtenstein comic book garments. The pixelated shading creates an almost three dimensional feeling to some of his silhouettes.

No matter how commercialized the Lichtenstein paintings get, I still find this blown-out-of-proportion, comic book look pretty cool in life size. 

FashionFashion Week Update: LONDON


Louise Gray is in her groove now, and like a street Pied Piper of London’s East End, she’s going to be pulling a lot of followers with her.”

I love it when I find new designers that give me a crisp look at what could happen in fashion. This season, I have found a few so far, and one of those people is Louise Gray.

Gray is a young designer that has used her textile background in the right way. Gray mixes and matches vibrant and jarring prints and shapes to create a unique Louise Gray girl for Spring 2010! This collection is fresh and refreshing for a time in which many find themselves looking at the ever resourceful and safe ditsy prints mixed with color blocked shift silhouettes.

Creative energy emanates from this collection. Louise Gray used finger paints for makeup and even put fake earring holes in the model’s ears. The shoes are a great with a new, and somewhat destructed, twist on the current theme of strappy gladiator shoes. The color palette and patterns created an 80′s nostalgia in 21st-century textiles.

The graffiti-sprayed designs, bright colors, and lots of bows brought a bit of familiarity to this funkified look, which Sarah Mower from says is fitting for “a punchy young girl with a rebellious streak … [or] like-minded types with an eye for something off-kilter and vivid.”

FashionToday’s Fashion Week Update: NYC

I have been watching for new videos and fashion show updates… So far there have been some kinda crazy shows and some that I find quite amusing.

I would check out Alexander Wang and Rodarte for starts. Thakoon is one that I found the video interview with the designer a little more interesting than the actual show. However, I was not thoroughly disappointed and found that Thakoon launches a line for the romantic visionary this season.

This woman is traveling abroad without even getting on the plane. The prints were bright florals, that sometimes do, as he says in this video, have a chintzy Americana sportswear feel.

However, Thakoon’s floral prints were anything but. Printed on diaphanous chiffon that gave life to the life printed on them. Thakoon capitalized on the more blunt trend this season of black/white graphic print and used an off white with his black to tie it into the other dresses.

Overall, visually the color story was all about the power of two: black white, pink white, green white, etc. Dresses were gathered and pleated and there was an interesting play with structure and unstructured.

FashionFashion Week Update: NYC

Fashion Week has commenced, and the grand scheming and plotting of the last month’s work have come onto the runways for the world to see.

Good news is: this season seems to have a sense of ease to the clothes. Really, at least what I see, is that the models seem to be actually wearing the clothes this season. Instead of the usual model = walking clothes hanger we see or we imagine that the designers are actually considering the woman in the clothes.

In the Zero + Mario Cornejo show we see girls on the runway with their hands in their pockets. I hadn’t noticed pockets before, at least not on the runway. You always see the men walking down the runway using the few usable or notable details about their garments but never do you see women actually acting comfortable. I find these small details reassuring and exciting about where clothes might be going. 

FYI-this show had a ton of black and white that reminded me of the Naomi Top and the BB Dakota Kay Dress in Black [sold out!] that we have here at