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FashionReporting from Milan: Italian Craftsmanship

Here is Megan’s newest post from Milan!

But first, below is a picture from the Dolce & Gabbana menswear line for Spring Summer 2010, which featured lots of ripped denim and expertly tailored velvet coats on beautiful men with ridiculously slicked back hair. When viewing Italian fashion, one must remember that Italians have a sense of humor, and they love things to be totally over the top. So if you think it’s ridiculous, they probably do too! But you have to love it all the more!

Below this, Megan has attached a picture of a large public statue that is an abstract needle and thread. Milan is a very strong center for fashion and design. Here is what Megan has to say about the tradition of menswear in Milan and Italy.

On the dawn of men’s Fashion Week, Milan is the city to be in!
Here in Italy, men’s Fashion Week is almost bigger than women’s Fashion Week!

With menswear, the changes every season come in the details, and there is rarely anything too drastic. The focus on detail is probably because Italians take great pride with their craftsmanship, and something that I’ve learned from being in Italy is that nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

To further prove this point, I have gotten a closer look into one of Italy’s leading luxury brands.

Because the adherance to detail and craftsmanship applies across the board for all of the Italian luxury brands, I will leave them unnamed, but I got a chance to talk to someone that works as a bag tech designer for a luxury company. He was, as did others in his family, brought up in the trade of leather accessories.

The particular brand that he works for wouldn’t even considering hiring you without an apprenticeship for a number of years. To them, quality is first, always. Italians don’t play around with the craftsmanship of their leather goods: handbags, wallets, shoes, etc. They view it as something that is literally “in their blood,” and they have to do it right!

So for this upcoming Milan men’s Fashion Week, I hope you definitely check out all of the details! If you find yourself in Milan for Fashion Week, check out the schedule, throw on some sunglasses and lipstick (celeb status), and try to get into the shows!

Ciao, Baci

FashionFirst Pakistani Fashion Week EVER!!

This month our fav, fav, favorite makeup artist Nyala has stepped out and over to travel the world! Nyala started in New York City, then went on to Dubai, and then to Pakistan! In Pakistan, Nyala is overseeing the production of the garments for her wedding ceremony and checking out all of the top designers in the fashion world of Pakistan. Here is what Nyala sent us from Pakistan about the new fashion trends and what she thinks of the growing “fashion scene” in Pakistan!

Salaam from Pakistan!

One Pakistani industry that has shown power, strength, and ingenuity throughout the chaos and devastation of its recent history is Pakistan’s fashion industry. Pakistan’s fashion industry has made its colorfully draped and sparkling mark in the international fashion world by launching its very own and one-of-a-kind Fashion Week!

The first annual Pakistan Fashion Week was launched in November of 2009 in Karachi and comprised of 16 shows in four days. According to the fashion savvy, the flavor and exotically creative looks that came down the catwalk provided an eye-catching and fashionable feast for all.

Exhibition stalls, business seminars and a total of 30 designers showcased their ready-to-wear and bridal collections around the catwalk. After having been to many fashion events in New York and L.A., I have to say that the runways here in Pakistan are unlike anything I have seen before in the U.S.

I’ll be doing one-on-one interviews with some of my favorite designers very soon, so stay posted! –Nyala

NewsDJ Mia Moretti’s Parisian Passion for Fashion

This season, we got “real” coverage from Kristin at Fashion Week in New York City, and now from DJ Mia Moretti at Paris Fashion Week.

Mia was, of course, DJing at Paris Fashion Week! This first pic is from the Fendi party, in which Mia sports a Kate Moss for TopShop jumper and (of course) a Fendi clutch.

Fashion week is a week of frantic energy, running from show to show and after-party to after-party. When I was in New York and Milan studying design, I would put on my big “movie star” sunglasses and red lipstick in an attempt to look just important enough to get in to the big fashion shows!

Now, looking back, it is pretty comical that I tried so hard to get “in”! However, it wasn’t until I started going to the after-parties, and watching the people outside of the tents, that I saw the “real” new looks of the season!

Mia is an awesome example of a true “fashionista”. Check out this pic of Mia, before she hopped on over to DJ at Le Baron, with none other than John Galliano (designer extraordinaire of Dior and John Galliano).

Here, Mia wears a sweet pink dress by her favorite L.A. designer, Brian Lichtenberg, and the photos were taken by party photographer Gerard Estadella. Here is Mia in action!!

For her last night in Paris, Mia traversed an art exhibit with Johnny Wujek who is, as she states, her “stylist extraordinaire and partner in crime!” The exhibit, We Were All Innocent Once, was of polaroids done by New York artist Jeremy Kost at Galerie Nuke.

Here, Mia wears Paule Ka with Galliano shoes and an Agent Provocateur raincoat!

Remember to keep posted for more Mia updates!

FashionFashion Week Update: PARIS & Plato’s Atlantis

Yesterday, at the Alexander McQueen show in Paris, the long-lost Plato’s Atlantis was discovered.

McQueen has set a standard for himself within the industry that has yet to be rivaled by other fashion masters. The theatrics involved, both in the clothing and in the stage, are always breathtakingly complicated and fanciful. The Spring 2010 show was, by all means, the ULTIMATE McQueen show, and he successfully transported his audience into an otherworldly experience.

The show’s hype began with the fact that he announced that the show would be broadcast live along with a pre-made video and Lady Gaga’s release of her new single on However, the hype — while magnificently important to the fashion industry and online business — ended up being the demise of the project itself!

Lady Gaga twittered that her new release would be out on SHOWstudio, and instantly her million-something fans logged on and brought down the site! Despite all of this, the show went on and was a magnificent arrangement of music, video, performance, and fashion.

FYI, please make a note that this collection must be viewed as a wardrobe complete for aliens from a planet yet to be discovered…

FashionFashion Week Update: PARIS

Walking sculptures graced the runway of Viktor & Rolf this season. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren never have, and probably never will, play any where near the safe zone when it comes to fashion. However, this was an eye opener even for their die-hard fans.

For this season, the duo created a fashion show of tulle sculptures that seem to adorn the bodies of painted dolls. The first few outfits were interesting enough for me, but what really caught me off guard were the hacked tulle evening gowns. It is totally bizarre to look at such beautiful dresses with holes cut out of them like Swiss cheese. Or to watch pieces coming down the runway that seem made to defy gravity itself!

All in all, it was a very innovative and actually quite refreshingly humorous show. With the fallen economy and Fashion Week, everyone was talking of cutting budgets, but the designers state: “With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns.” 

On stage during the show was Róisín Murphy!