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FashionBehind the Scenes: Party Perfect Holiday Lookbook!

Have you seen our Party Perfect Holiday Lookbook yet? Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes at all the glitter, glam, and good times! From sequin dresses to stunning jewelry and sparkly champagne, we hope it inspires you to shine bright and ring in the New Year in style! Wanna shop any of the looks? Head here and get holiday haute!


FashionFashion Votebook: Button-Up Tops vs Crop Tops

Button-Up Tops vs. Crop Tops: Who Makes the Cut? While we all have our favorite and most flattering styles we go to, there are always new trends to try and new favorites to be made. With crop tops on the rise these days, we wanted to take a moment to see how they measure up to the classic button-up top. Sure, it would be hard to sport your crop at the office, but the lovely ladies below have put together some amazing ensembles that make the choice pretty irresistible. Be sure to weigh in on your favorite style in the comments!

crop tops


crop tops(images courtesy of, Lee Oliveira, Streetpeeper)

So which is YOUR  preferred look?
Button-Up Tops or Crop Tops?

FashionFall Hues with Kristin of Living in Color Print

We teamed up with Kristin of Living In Color Print to bring us 3 fall looks based on her favorite hues for the season! This blogger has some serious layering talent and always looks fantastic, so she was an easy choice for this collaboration! She created an amazing series of posts based on forest green, camel, and royal blue! Make sure to check out her posts for tons of outfit inspo! We took her awesome images and pulled together more amazing ways to incorporate those rich and warm autumn colors into your wardrobe this fall!


What are your go-to colors this fall?

Royal: Bow Do You Do Backless Blue DressLoan Me A Stone Blue NecklaceTote Couture Blue Tote, Similar Dress, Lattice Quo Royal Blue Dress, Come On Overlay Strapless Royal Blue Jumpsuit,  Speed Limit 98 Vivian Blue Curvy Platform

Forest: More Sweaters, Fancy Facets Green Dangle Earrings, Dance Till Dawn Hunter Green Peplum Dress, The Best of Times Hunter Green Dress, C Label Luxe 11 Green Patent Pointed Pumps, Harem Shake Hunter Green Harem Pants, Spaciously Awaiting Green Handbag

Camel: Ruche To Conclusions Beige Maxi Skirt, Heart Of Stones Beige and Black Statement Necklace, Shaken Not Stirred Beaded Brown Dress, Pressed Flowers Brown Trumpet Skirt, Steve Madden Clydee Taupe Leather Pumps, Peekaboo Chic Mid Length Brown Coat, Pop Beauty Caffeine Eye Trilogy Shadow Kit


FashionHunger Games: Capitol Couture

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters November 22 and frankly, we can’t wait! However, thanks to Capitol Couture, we have some awesome Hunger Games style to help tide us over! Capitol Couture aims to recreate the over-the-top and totally extravagant styles coveted by every citizen of the Capitol. Fashion designer Trish Summerville has been working to create couture Capitol-inspired fashion for both men and women, blurring the lines between our world and the Hunger Games world of Panem. Based on the designer work shown on the Capitol Couture website, we know the finished line will blow us away!Hunger Games TrinketFlickerman (Image courtesy of Capitol Couture)

FashionReal vs. Steal: Striped Pleated Skirt

Striped Pleated Skirt

Striped Pleated Skirt: The black and white trend has been one of the hottest ongoing looks of the year, and we see no end to its amazing versatility. A master of the cute collegiate look, Jil Sander Navy rocks the black and white trend along this clean-cut, striped pleated skirt with a midi-length hem… but as you’re used to finding out the hard way, that perfect prep look comes with a serious price tag. (LuLu*s to the rescue!) With a few inches shaved off the hem, the Don’t Miss a Pleat White and Black Striped Skirt gives you a girlier version of this look at a much more modest price. Who can argue with that?!