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ArtPattern and Peach Fuzz: French Illustrator Elodie

Our favorite illustrators? The ones who are obsessed with fashion like French illustrator Elodie Nadreau!

Known simply as Elodie, this “Parisienne” has rolled her love for fashion and talent for digitally-embellished drawings into one perfect little package of color, texture, and flirtatious line-work. Elodie’s work emits a soft and sensual ambiance with subtle layers of pattern often weaving in and out of the main subject. Favoring female portraiture Elodie is inspired by what’s happening on the runways and magazines, and I love how she imparts a stippled peach-fuzz effect over much of her work, giving the pieces a warm, almost buzzing quality.

illustrator elodie

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CelebrityRetro Fox: Brigitte Bardot

Who could be more iconic of the swinging sixties than French model, actress, and singer, Brigitte Bardot? Known for her sexy gap-toothed grin and a bouffant as voluptuous as her body, this French siren was one of the few overseas actresses to be just as well-loved in America as in her native Europe. Today we still lover her beauty, her style, and her photographic legacy.

ArtFashion Illustration by Lili Lu

What a great way to start the week; with the magnificent illustration-eye-candy of French artist Lili Lu!!! At only 22 years old, this exciting young artist has a talent well beyond her years. Her soft line work is richly varied, while her sweet feminine designs offer a contemporary twist wrapped among wavy locks of hair and floral patterning.
(images courtesy of and trendland)
Attention Readers! Do you draw or illustrate? We would love to see your work and possibly feature it on our blog! Email with images or a link to your work!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Louise of Miss Pandora


Welcome to another edition of blogger spotlight! So many blogs, so little time!! Adding to an endless sea of inspiration is the beautiful Louise of Miss Pandora! I have been a LONG time reader of Louise’s blog and I am finally sharing one of my personal styles icons with all of you lovely readers! With a classic beauty and a real eye for timeless fashion, Loiuse has been one of my go-to blogs for fashion, hair and beauty ideas for quite some time. If you know me, then you would see why. I could copy this girl every day of the week and feel like I was living in a perpetual fairytale. With flowing locks, beautiful dresses and photos pretty enoughh to make you cry, you will be as hooked as I am once you take a look below!

The lighting, the lace and the colors! I love the boater hat and the addition of the brown belt!

This pose is perfect and I love the seascape behind.

Loose curls and a tiny braid make this hairdo.

This is my absolute favorite. This amazing shot could tell a thousand stories.

With so many of her photos resembling romantic and classic artwork, Louise’s blog is like a work of art all on its own.

The back drop almost looks like a dark and starry night.

Adorable dress and accessories!

Looking like a 1960′s film star, Louise strikes a pose in another perfect vintage-style dress!
Make sure to check out Louise’s blog, Miss Pandora and visit often for tons of inspiration and beautiful photos!

GeneralCannes Film Festival: Then and Now

As many of you may have heard, the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival begun just this past Wedesday, luring in stars and celebrities from all over the world. Besides the appeal of the ocean and the exotic French coastline, this festival is reknowned for its private status and epic fashion statements.

The idea for the film festival began in 1939, when Jean Zay, the French Minister of National Education decided to protest the intevention of the fascist government in choosing films for the Venice Film Festival. With the support of British and Americans in the area, he proposed to create an international cinematographic festival in France. Unfortunately, the advent of WWII delayed things for several years, and the first festival did not officially begin until 1946. Although originally designed as a competition of arts between France and Italy, the festival has since evolved into a venue for producers to air their new films and an opportunity to promote European cinema. (Read more history here.)
 Over the years, this exclusive event has been privileged to host some truly beautiful people. Take a look at some of my favs:
The lovely Brigitte Bardot, on the brink of becoming one of the most famous actresses of her time. * It was at the 1955 festival that Grace Kelly met Prince Rainer III, whom she eventually married.
Warren Beatty & Natalie Wood * Elizabeth Taylor & husband Mike Todd
Click here if you want to see more old Hollywood pics from the Festival (worth a look! They were so glamorous!)
Other pics from here
While studying in France several years ago, I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend the festival myself! Of course, the red carpet was on the other side of the rope, but being able to wander the streets and take in all the sights was definitely something to remember.
Ohhh the red carpet! I got to see Juliette Binoche (remember her from Chocolat?), and a few of the group were lucky enough to see Natalie Portman after her Star Wars debut.
Eating snacks at an ampitheatre near the beach. We actually ended up sleeping there that night because we wanted to see more stars the next day and all the hotels were filled up with visitors and movie stars!
 Not nearly as glamorous as the movie stars of old, but we sure gave it our starving-students best!
Make sure to catch all the coverage of this years’ events (check out more info at the Festival de Cannes website), because it never disappoints! 
 So who else out there is a Festival fan? Any favorite moments of your own?