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FashionHats Off to Stephen Jones’s “Hats: An Anthology”

If you know about Stephen Jones, then you’re probably already excited. If you don’t, then don’t worry, neither had I. And boy, am I excited now!
The hat has been making some bold statements lately, thanks to the Duchess Kate craze and Lady Gaga alike, and you can be sure that these ladies are no strangers to Stephen Jones Millinery. Millinery? What’s that you say? Not just plain old hatmakers, no! Milliners are far more fabulous than that! “Distinct from hat-making, with its large-scale production of standard hat types, millinery focuses on the creation and decoration of elegant, experimental and often whimsical hats.” Why, thank you for clearing that up, Victoria & Albert Museum.
As perhaps the most widely respected name in millinery, Stephen Jones is following in the tradition of the V&A’s first fashion show in 1971, Fashion: An Anthology by Cecil Beaton, and putting hats on the map as museum-worthy works of art, with his exhibition: Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones.

This amazing collection is currently on display here in the US, at the The Bard Graduate Center in New York City. So if you’re in the vicinity, you may actually have the opportunity to witness the evolution and life cycle of what Jones calls, “the cherry on the cake, the dot on the ‘i’, the exclamation mark, the fashion focus. Everyone from showgirls to dictators knows that by wearing a hat they will be the centre of attention.”

Carefully hand selected from the museum’s 17 centuries’ worth of headwear, Jones describes his process: “This is my very personal anthology of hats, a mish-mash of dates, places, stories and illusion that are squished into a sense of order by a mad hatter’s logic… It is my own viewpoint of where hats come from, how they are made, where they are sold and the extraordinary people who wear them.”

Also, check out Jones’s website for more amazing eye candy!
(Images courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum & Stylelist)

FashionLooks We ♥: Wide Brim Fedoras

The current fall obsession over here at Lulu’s is the wide brim hat. Being as it’s still summer time we are rockin’ the floppy wide brim a la 1970s, but for winter- the fedora is coming back, bigger than ever. Our inspiration for this trend? Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit

Check out some more inspirational pics below of other ladies sporting the wide brim.

Want to rock this look yourself? Below we have a selection of banging hats that will help you own this style.

Are you going to jump on this trend with us? Or leave it on the shelf?

CelebrityTrend Alert: Kate Middleton Hats

With all of the press surrounding the upcoming royal nuptials, my sister and I have developed a new obsession: what we have come to call “Kate Middleton hats.”


Commonly known as everything from fascinators to cocktail hats, the Kate Middleton hat has had my sister and me searching far and wide for this elusive headpiece. Unlike many of the hats I’ve worn over the years, Kate’s caps are all about accentuating a great hair day rather than covering up a bad one.

But where, one might ask, does a girl wear such an elaborate hair accessory if she hasn’t made the guest list for all of Britain’s swankiest royal engagements? My sister wears hers to church, but for those of us who aren’t married to the son of a minister, I recommend weddings, parties, dates, or even formal events like prom. But if you’re feeling bold, why not the mall??
My sister, Mollie, is ready for church, or her best friend’s wedding, or a romantic date…
This trend harkens back to the classic everyday looks for women of the 1930s, 1940s, and beyond.

How chic do Ginger Rogers and Barbara Stanwyck look?! And that’s just another day at the market in their time.

Katharine Hepburn just strolls through the park in this black number, while Audrey H. sasses it up in her feathery and flowery white headpiece.
Classic Hollywood starlets and future British royalty make these fancy hats look effortlessly elegant, but if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and risk looking like a crazy church lady, then ease into the trend with some subtler starter pieces. Barrettes, headbands, flowers, and bows can make a statement without overpowering your pretty little head. Try these adorable options:

What do you think? Can this classy craze make a comeback?

FashionGet Your Brixton Fix!

Love your hat collection?
Cute hats are pretty much a killer way to accessorize an outfit, and while the hot days are still here, the cooler Autumn ways are coming.
My prediction: This Fall it’s all about letting your hair down and topping it with a simple cap that’s got just a bit of boyish charm.
 The makers at Brixton are doing it right. I have in front of me a new shipment from their Fall 2010 collection, and if there is something I can tell you from across these digital highways, Brixton means fine quality and cutting edge style.


The new Brood Cap by Brixton. (left).  

The Fiddler Cap by Brixton (right).


FashionTrend Report: Black Boleros and Utilitarian Style

<!– caught Lily Donaldson (one of my favorite models) in an adorably casual outfit that made black bolero hats and utilitarian style suitable for any event.

This was the Premiere and Dinner of the documentary about the graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. The documentary explores the life and work of Jean-Michel Basquiat with archival footage and directed by his close friend Tamra Davis.




Here is our version of Lily’s outfit! We have an adorable bowler hat which is really close to Lily’s hat!! Check out the items below to get a similar look!!!

Pair the the Pack Feather Hat by Brixton with the Rebel Light Blue Button Up  by RVCA,  the Levi’s 501 Cutoff Shorts in Gasoline, and the  Bamboo Holt 24 Strappy Uber Wedge in Vegan Leather.