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ArtGear up for the Holidays!

It’s no secret that we love to outfit ladies for the holidays, and 2014 is no exception! From sequins to lace, sexy heels, and everything in-between, we’re rolling out your party perfect looks from now until New Year’s! This year we enlisted a favorite new artist, Mangomini, to illustrate our idea of a good time. We’re sure you’ll agree, the results are amazing! Thanks, Mangomini, and cheers!


(image courtesy of Mangomini)

FashionOne Dress, Three Ways with the Global DJ Silver Sequin Dress

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Office Party
Instead of just throwing any old blazer over this sequin dress to make it work party appropriate, we opted for the Chanel inspired boucle cardigan to give it a touch of class. The chain detail adds a bit of edge without going too overboard! Pair it with your favorite black pump and bowler bag and you are all set to win best dressed at the office!

NYE Party
Take your NYE to the next level by going with the monochromatic look in stunning silver. Some strappy silver shoes and silver bangles will add the perfect casual cool element to complement this look. Bring in a “pop” of contrast with a black statement necklace to play off those shimmering sequins!

Street Style
Wearing sequins doesn’t always mean you have to be decked out in glam from head to toe! Mix textures, styles, and prints to make the perfect street chic outfit! Grab your favorite flannel, throw on your go-to blazer, and pull on those knee high boots. Accessorize with a little black clutch, fedora, or your favorite pair of sunnies!

MusicLuLu*s Weekend Playlist: Jolly Jingles!

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‘Tis the season for giving, for family & friends, and for festive tunes! We are loving these fresh takes on Christmas classics, and of course we can’t leave out a holiday fave from a darling diva. We have been singing these songs at the top of our lungs, like happy little LuLu*s elves, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – She & Him

“Last Christmas” – Ariana Grande

“White Christmas” – Lady Gaga

“All I Want for Christmas” – Mariah Carey

And how could Christmas possibly be complete without this hilarious clip to warm the soul?!

“Jingle Bell Rock” – Mean Girls

Happy Holidays, LuLu*s loves, from all of us to you!

FashionLooks We Love: Holiday Sparkle

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Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their step for the holidays? We DEFINITELY do! Whether you’re doing dinner with family or going to a party with friends, these glittering pieces will keep you shining through the winter.


GeneralHoliday Baking: Tips from a Fruitcake Snob!

This is not a joke; I like fruitcake.
That being said, I am a fruitcake snob.
If it came with a package and a label, I won’t eat it, and if it looks anything like this. . .

. . .or this, it’s probably going in the compost. 
Here’s how to do fruitcake with some very tasty results!
1. Make your Own! – Homemade is infinitely better, unless you know some magical bakery that knows right from wrong.
2. Find the Right Recipe – Choose based on ingredients, and substitute a little to your taste. Do you like figs and walnuts? Go for that! Do you like candied citron, but no green cherries; switch it out!
3. Mellow Your Fruitcake – While no harder than a regular cake to bake, your homemade cake need 2 to 8 weeks to “mellow”. After the cake is fully cool, wrap it in food grade cheesecloth and douse it in brandy (or juice). Repeat this once a week, and you will have a rich cake ready to eat in little slivers by the fire!
Somebody has soaked these suckers in brandy in preparation for the Holiday Season!

 If you’re still not convinced. . . 

4. Try making a Panforte! – These traditional Italian cakes are loaded with dried fruits, nuts and sometimes even cocoa! Above is a traditional Panforte di Siena. Years ago, I tried this recipe because of my namesake. My recipe yielded a chewy, caramel-like cake that went perfectly with a little cup of coffee!
Well, I hope I’ve convinced you that fruitcake is not the devil’s work after all. Seriously, try out a good recipe and have fun dousing that puppy until it’s time to serve!
P.S. Let me know how it goes!!