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GeneralHoliday Baking: Tips from a Fruitcake Snob!

This is not a joke; I like fruitcake.
That being said, I am a fruitcake snob.
If it came with a package and a label, I won’t eat it, and if it looks anything like this. . .

. . .or this, it’s probably going in the compost. 
Here’s how to do fruitcake with some very tasty results!
1. Make your Own! – Homemade is infinitely better, unless you know some magical bakery that knows right from wrong.
2. Find the Right Recipe – Choose based on ingredients, and substitute a little to your taste. Do you like figs and walnuts? Go for that! Do you like candied citron, but no green cherries; switch it out!
3. Mellow Your Fruitcake – While no harder than a regular cake to bake, your homemade cake need 2 to 8 weeks to “mellow”. After the cake is fully cool, wrap it in food grade cheesecloth and douse it in brandy (or juice). Repeat this once a week, and you will have a rich cake ready to eat in little slivers by the fire!
Somebody has soaked these suckers in brandy in preparation for the Holiday Season!

 If you’re still not convinced. . . 

4. Try making a Panforte! – These traditional Italian cakes are loaded with dried fruits, nuts and sometimes even cocoa! Above is a traditional Panforte di Siena. Years ago, I tried this recipe because of my namesake. My recipe yielded a chewy, caramel-like cake that went perfectly with a little cup of coffee!
Well, I hope I’ve convinced you that fruitcake is not the devil’s work after all. Seriously, try out a good recipe and have fun dousing that puppy until it’s time to serve!
P.S. Let me know how it goes!!

ArtGet Crafty: Homemade Valentine’s Gifts

Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have found myself yet again gift-less. Normally I would run to the store and find whatever chocolate goodies and cute cards were left, but this year I was determined to make my own Valentine’s gifts.

I have found some simple homemade gifts that are perfect for friends, family or that special someone in your life. They are both inexpensive, easy, and quick to make. Believe me, if I can cut, staple and paste, so can you!

Below is a link to a video from The Early Show on CBS that gives instructions on how to make these gifts as well as a few other Valentine’s Day favorites!


        For That Special Someone: Message in a Bottle

Materials you’ll need:

-1 cleaned empty glass bottle

-popsicle sticks

-colored pen

        For friends and family: Stuffed Hearts

Materials you’ll need:

– 2 paper hearts cut out

– a stapler

– Whatever type of candy you wish (should be small candy so it can fit inside)

– small piece of paper for note

GeneralHappy New Year from Lulus!


We hope all of you have a wonderful year in 2010!

InterviewsNew Year’s Eve Plans!

The countdown to 2010 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to sip some bubbly, kiss our loved ones and ring in the New Year! Here’s what some of us at have planned:


(we asked her while being styled for our photo shoot!)

“I’m going to a party with my friends!!!”



“I will be celebrating the New Year in the Bahamas, with tropical refreshments, where I won’t have to wear any jackets or scarves!”




“I’m going to head down to San Francisco for a cocktail party. Then I’m going to Shotwell’s — this awesome beer and wine bar in the Mission District.”



“This New Year’s Eve is going to be special, because it’s my first year anniversary with my boyfriend. We’re going to dress really fancy and celebrate at the same party where we met last year.”




“I’m going to a cute 1950s style house in Squaw Valley to ski and celebrate with family and friends!”


Matt, Lindsey and KB can’t wait to.. “Go to Lake Tahoe!!!”


FashionNew Year Hot Spot Style: Manuel Antonio National Park

Beach. That is all you need to know about this New Year’s adventure.

But not just any beach. If I were to have my New Year’s way, I would head to the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica located south of Quepos on the Pacific Coast, 132 km from San José. Tours through the park are available, including a rain forest walk where you might be so lucky as to spy a sloth!

Coastal Manuel Antonio at night is pitch black, being lit only by the moon — perfect for some stargazing. Instead of the big count-down at midnight, I would suggest quietly bringing in the New Year with a few good friends or your sweetie on the sands.

With spring coming, this would be a perfect place to try out next season’s trends: the Pocket Change Necklace in Gold [sold out!], the Silk Arboretum Maxi Dress, and the Bamboo Poetic 04 Gray and Silver WhipStitched T Thong