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BeautySkin Care Obsession: Algae Mask by Blue Lagoon Iceland

If you’ve never heard of the Blue Lagoon, they are a fabulous geothermal spa in Southern Iceland that is known for its heavenly blue waters, volcanic landscape, and natural silica mud that cleanses and treats the skin. I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend two days at the Blue Lagoon last summer, soaking in the silky pools and taking in the Icelandic landscape, and I couldn’t help but notice their seductive line of skin care products with ingredients based around the lagoon.
Now I am so excited to tell you about a special release algae mask from the skin care pros at Blue Lagoon Iceland! If you adore skin care, then you will enjoy using this smooth mask, which is unlike any I have ever tried. Instead of drying out my skin like a clay mask, the algae mask practically melts into your skin and rinses away with a clean and nourishing feel.

FashionReykjavik Street Style!

After a beautiful getaway to chilly but warm-hearted Iceland, I couldn’t help but dig into the stylings of the capital city, Reykjavik. On the fringe of European style, yet still influenced by their own rich culture, these Sub-Arctic citizens put plenty of color and life into what was an unusually cold spring.
With the sun skimming just below the horizon for only a few hours each night, the night life became a much livelier (and only slightly dimmer) reflection of the long bustling days in this waterfront city. Reykjavik is infamous for it’s night scene which can include pubs packed full of singing (and well-dressed) Icelanders.

Style highlights included cheery floral prints, sassy and colorful legwear, and light jackets to ward off the brisk nighttime air.

Scarves are also an easy way to fare well when the evening turns a bit chilly. Easier to tote than a jacket, a nice scarf will definitely keep you from getting the cold shoulder!

Adorable footwear was all about, with a huge emphasis on ankle booties. Lace-up, strappy or slip-on; the bootie is not going out anytime soon!

These five adorable Icelanders were outside of Reykjavik’s largest shopping center, the Kringlan. Could they be any cuter????
Have you been overseas lately? What styles trends have you come across?